Friday, March 27, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 13

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i don't know why but i really lovin' this quote and the view a lots!! this beautiful quote managed to give me some positivity since this week is a blur one,i have been hallucinating a little, oh that's sound crazy. but i'm totally fine. i guess i'm just too tired from traveling past weekend. this week is a mourning week in singapore. few days ago, singapore's politician/first prime minister had passed away from sickness. everyone are feeling miserable and grab opportunity to pay the last respect to him before this sunday. he was a great man!!
mister's aunt is very sick now and currently she's staying in hospital. she kept on saying goodbye to everyone and we have to go kuala lumpur to visit her tomorrow. our express is tonight, 8pm..and will reach kuala lumpur early tomorrow 3am. that's a long journey..and we will be back again on sunday's evening. wish us have a smooth journey :)

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-kentucky fried chicken (kfc's restaurant), i have being craving for their bucket rice in curry flavor for sometimes. and i had been talking about it to mister almost everyday, ended up he had to satisfy my craving. i really enjoyed my dinner that night :)

-exercise session in my room. i bought a yoga mat last few weeks and one evening i decided to do some simple exercise in my own room. though my room is pretty small, but it's definitely enough for a yoga mat. mister recommended this video to me..watching the exercise was easy, yet it was superb hard and tiring to follow the instructions. my thighs had been in a pain situation for 2 days now.. lesson learnt, never look down at any exercises. never try,never know

-my casio's watch. this guy have being serving me for more than a year now, and i still think it's the best gift i ever got from mister. although the battery life didn't stay long and i need to change the battery once in few months, i still love casio so much.

-my mum, my queen. last week,i showed her a piece of my blouse and asked her help to sew the same design for me. she immediately said yes and will sew few pieces in different colors. i was so touched by her words..she always try her best to fulfill her daughters/sons' needs without asking for any returns.she's my idol.. and she knew how to sew!!

-my coworker. she went to india for two weeks, and since her departure i have been missing her. during our working hours, both of us always tend to chitchat while doing our jobs. we always thought that silence may not be the most efficient way to do things. we talk about everything..every.single.thing.that.happen.daily.  she returned to her workplace on monday, and we have being updating each others about everything for that two weeks almost every days till now

-piggy bank. tell you a secret, i make my own target. my piggy bank savings will all goes to shopping funds. or perhaps a pair of melissa. i guess it will be fun.

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..even to the littlest and simplest things.

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