Sunday, March 15, 2015

thankful lists for the week // 11

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this week have being passing superb fast. my colleague went to india for 2 weeks, which mean i have to help in answering all the phone calls in behalf. to memorize this history, i had being answering almost 100 phone calls from various human beings since early this week. all the inquiries and phone calls had being making me superb busy and talking non-stop on the phone. not complaining here, just to jot down what had happened for the week. and i'm lovin' this week's activities which some of them had been captured and posted in my instagram. recently, i noticed that instagram have slowly becoming my personal diary. with all the photo-editing applications, i can easily captured the scenery or food in an exclusive and unique methods which i'm addictive with. and i had being checking my instagram feed every 5 minutes, uncontrollable action. someone out there having same issue?

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-fresh strawberries from cold storage's supermarket. i can't say "no" to strawberries, that's would be too cruel!! strawberries are the most beautiful and delicious fruit in this universe and i definitely living eating strawberries all day,if i can afford that. for me, strawberries are the pricey fruit and a punnet of 500 grams sometimes may cost more than $10. lucky me,i found bargain prices in cold storage few days ago, 2 punnets for $9.90..i save 10 cents and i ate extra 500 grams.

-coffee's time with mister after work. we seldom drink coffee during evening as i won't be able to sleep well at night after the caffeine intake. but on that particular evening, i was so in mood for coffee's break..hence we passed by starbucks and got ourself honey white chocolate macchiato, and a slice of rapsberry cheese cake.sounds fattening! we sat in a corner sipping macchiato and chit-chat a little about our future,our current life and our friends.this was such a relaxing talk ever.

-yami yogurt. after a few days break from cold food (menses cycle) finally mister brought me to yami yogurt to satisfy my need. after a week of tension, ice cream is the best choice to comfort me. to the ice-cream inventor, i owe you a thanks.

-saturday's date. most of the saturday, mister has to work. but this saturday, he was granted an off day. we utilized this day for a date to sushi, movie, shopping and dinner. sakae sushi has the best chawanmushi ever, the egg's texture was soft and bouncy while the ingredients were fresh. we choose "chappie" as our date's movie. chappie's poster did not interest me much as i'm not into science's thing but since mister watched trailer before and commented that it was good trailer, we bought the tickets. the movie was interesting and i definitely recommend you to watch in cinema/download/buy a dvd

-mister. i'm glad that i found someone who can interact and stay with my craziness whole day..we found a small advertisement in the train when we were on our way was from mcdonalds, contest of photo shooting with the burger and post in instagram with hashtags. whoever have the most likes will win $50 voucher from mcdonalds. for someone like me who love freebies and vouchers,i think we must enter the contest. mister supported and volunteered to act as a model on winner is announce yet but no matter what's the result, both of us enjoyed our time so much trying out all the crazy and funny posture


Audrey Lin said...

100 phone calls? You go girl! I try not to make phone calls if I don't have to, because talking on the phone gives me an irrational amount of anxiety. Earlier this week I tripped up on ordering food for delivery! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Samantha Hatch said...

What a great list of things you are thankful for!!! I am the same way with strawberries--I can't turn them down! I want to hear more about the man you are dating. He sounds so mysterious and wonderful!! Great post girl!


Diana Cloudlet said...

This post is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!
Incredibly interesting! Great job!)

Diana Cloudlet