Monday, March 2, 2015

my current hair routine 01 // asience nature smooth shampoo & conditioner

last year november, i shared about "my current hair routine" in my blog. and now march, i would love to share "my current hair routine" again but with different brands. i'm a girl who always trying to be adventurous with my haircare products, hence i always love trying out new haircare products to see which is the best for my hair. i don't think i have a big issue with my hair's conditions,except oily scalp, dry ends,tangled hair and maybe once in a blue moon with split ends. now..i guess all this issues are my big issues,right?

gentle introduction for asience: 

sample store is generous enough to let me filled in a survey form regarding my hair and scalp conditions and gave me the range that suited my issues. recently, asience had introduced an innovative haircare concept, brand new power beauty serum combining six natural ingredients, to help ladies regain the timeless beauty of youthful looking hair.
the improved asience haircare range is available in two variants, inner rich and nature smooth.

for asience inner rich shampoo, conditioner and treatment care range gives you all day moisture that your hair needs and to combact those frizzy hair troubles.

while asience nature smooth range (which i'm using now) resolves my hair issues of having oily scalp and yet dry and tangled hair ends.the rich formulas cleanses and repairs from deep, hydrating my hair for a light and smooth finish.

my reviews:

my hair easily being tangled especially in a wet condition. ever since i started to use asience nature smooth, my fingers can easily ran through my wet hair after wash without feeling tangled and smooth till the ends. the shampoo made a huge different to my hair conditions and i'm very very happy with the results.with the help of the conditioner, i can felt my hair is more nourished than before. oh, and my scalp is improving a lots..controllable oily scalp.
in before photo,my hair was tangled and sometimes i had no choice but to tie them up. but with the help of asience nature smooth, no more oily scalp, superb moisturized hair and smelling good!
after few wash with asience nature smooth
how to get it:

the new and improved asience haircare range is avaiable in leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores from january 2015.

prices begin from $7.95 which is superb affordable.


you may try a free sample from sample store >> here

*this post is sponsored by Asience and all the opinions above are by my own*

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