Tuesday, March 24, 2015

my childhood memories // 01

some day ago, we had this conversation while i was hanging our laundry

mister: in which age do you think you're the happiest?
me: *silence mode as i was thinking*....
me: you first..
mister: age 25, that's when we got registered as husband and wife
me: *i was so touched by his words although i pretended it was normal*  hmm...
mister: what about you?
me: childhood, maybe before 12 years old
this conversation making me started to try to rewind back what memories i had during that childhood moments. and there were a lots pictures/scenes that came out from my long lost memories recently. i have a really happy childhood..i have 3 younger sisters and 2 brothers. as an eldest, i carried a lot of responsibilities in taking care of them as my parents have to work very hard in order to feed us, six monsters. there were so much benefits as an eldest, i got the "power" to order my siblings to do the housework, to bully them and to control them. i guess they kinda hate me that times..
my childhood memories:

1) coming back from church, being barked and chased by pack of stray dogs 

this is real funny!! when we were young, my mum encouraged us to attend church services. our church have those special classes for kids to learn drawing, writing and reading bible. me and my siblings used to take their shuttle van when the classes done as the transport service was free of charge. yet,the driver only dropped us at the junction of the road, which we had to walk another 50 meters to reach home. unfortunately there was a house beside the junction whereas the owner raised a few stray dogs..and they had too much energy that those dogs love to chase and bark on us. as a kid, we were terrified and ran as fast as we can without turning back. we screamed, we shouted for help and we ran!! my mum will of course rescued us from the front house..and all of us will started to cry when we reached our safe zone.. until now, i still scare of dogs. this animals definitely not my friend.

2) our childhood game was the groom and the bride

we used to love to stay overnight in our grandparent's house during weekend. my grandpa will bought packets and packets of sweets for us while our grandma will cooked delicious meals for us and cousins. since young,i wished to have a huge and glamorous wedding. hence, our game every weekends was "wedding game". i will instructed my cousin (who was one year younger) to be my groom while i was the bride. my siblings and other cousins will be the musician and the audiences, and they must clapped their hands when we walked the aisle. to be a "real bride", i even used towel to be wedding veil..that was so much fun! believe me,i never got bored with the game.

3) we fought with each others using brooms and throwing plastic chairs

i believe every families with siblings did fight? we did actually.. our weapons were brooms and plastic chairs. don't worry,no one hurt in the process of fighting..as our mother (queen of the house) will always came out from kitchen to rescue everyone.

4) our queen's punishments

my mum is a very strict & fierce woman and she always hope the best for us. but me and my siblings went through those moments whereas we don't want to be control, we wanted to watch cartoons whole day, we don't want to bath, we don't want to write our homework, we wanted to be outside cycling whole days. yet, our beloved queen will always punished us with either belt, plastic clothes hanger or canned us.
we will ran and hide before she found the weapons or we will ran while she tried to catch us for the punishment. sometimes, she will get too tired from running and catching, and she will started to laugh funnily. but don't got fool by her, she laughed doesn't meant that she was alright..she will continued catching us once she got her energy back.

5) matching matchy outfits

we are from middle-class family, which meant my parents' income were enough to cover our schooling fees, meals and all the utilities only. we seldom shop last times..we only bought our new clothes once a year before chinese new year. my mum used to attend sewing class, she sew most of our dresses and outfits. and she always love to mix-and-match our clothes between siblings. most of the times, me and my siblings were like twins except that i looked slightly older and they looked younger and shorter. i never complaint anything about our matching outfits..i thought there were cute!

what's your childhood memories? i would definitely love to read yours..


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Ooooh babe!! Super cute!! Amazing pics.
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

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Awww! His answer melted my heart!


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