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my beauty diary // black obsidian moisturizing black mask

i heard a lot of positive comments and reviews from friends or blogger about "my beauty diary's mask" and never really tried it out until i found imperial bird's nest mask from sample store. i did a review on the mask too and the results was amazing!! from that day onwards, "my beauty diary" have became one of my favorite masks in this beauty universe. recently, sample store gave me a chance to try out newly launched "black mask"..which i definitely said yes!
gentle introduction for my beauty diary:

my beauty diary, the no.1 facial & eye mask brand in singapore has just gotten even better! with its improved formula, features & packaging, the enhanced mask range now features a uniquely patented ingredient-cosphingo with long lasting moisturizing property for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like baby's skin. free of harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments and fluorescent agents, these masks are safe for use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

recently launched its new black mask range featuring three equisite variants-black obsidian moisturizing, black rose brightening and black peral total effect black masks.utilizing mystical black ingredients to help eliminate skin pigmentation, unevenness and loose skin caused by uv rays and environmental impurities, the deluxe black mask series helps to restore uneven skin tone,enhance skin elasticity, leaving your skin rejuvenated, deeply moisturized with dewy radiance.
black obsidian moisturizing black mask suitable for normal skin types & especially recommended for skin requiring intense hydration and illumination
nourishing, hydrating, moisturizing and illuminating

rich in trace elements and minerals that restores healthy skin, french black obsidian helps support the skin's protective mechanism and enhances the skin's hydrating power. the infusion of laminaria digitata and sugar maple delivers intense hydration to the deep layers of skin to improve dry skin texture, revealing renewed and brighter skin. enriched with numerous soothing ingredients like calendula officinalis, licorice and ruscus aculeatus extracts to relieve dry, rough and irritated skin, the mask is also rich in bladder wrack seaweed, aloe vera, and hydrolyzed jojoba for improved hydration allowing skin to feel optimally nourished, revitalised with glowing luminosity.

3d hyaluronic acid and yeast compound
the unique structure of the 3d hyaluronic acid forms a protective film over the skin to replenish and retain moisture, preventing dehydration and allowing skin to stay deeply hydrated. yeast compound helps tighten and regulate skin tone, effectively soothes fatigue skin in just 15-20 minutes to reveal a glowing, youthful and velvety smooth complexion

conforming black sheet mask material
with refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the black sheet mask material provides the perfect fit that conforms not only to your facial contours, but also your neck area, offering optimal adherence and comfort fit you deserve.infused with essential essences to deliver instant nourishment to your skin, this mask simultaneously eliminates impurities in the pores, yielding porcelain, shine free and silky smooth skin.


my reviews:
*please ignore my eye-bags*

this is my first time trying out black color mask sheet, kind of scary at the first moment. before that, my skin was quite dry due to staying in air-conditioning room for long hours. my pores were huge too..after trying out black masks (i had used 3 pieces already), i felt skin was very nourished and moisturizing. amazingly, my pores were getting slightly smaller after first mask.and my skin seem to be brighter than before too. my biggest concern when using a mask is whether the sheet mask big enough for my "big face"..and my beauty diary did a great job in providing sheet masks that sufficient enough for my face and even for neck too. after the application, the remaining essences absorbed well to my skin and i don't feel sticky feeling at all. i will definitely repurchase this mask again.

where to buy:

retailed at the authorized retailers such as guradian, sasa and watsons at $16.90 for a 5-piece pack.
now also available at

readers can "like" MyBeautyDiarySG on facebook here to get to try the black obsidian moisturizing black mask first-hand by redeeming samples in a "group redemption deal". valid only for the first 1,000 fans who participate in this group deal, the deal would only be unlocked once 1,000 entries are received. each will receive a single piece pack of black obsidian moisturizing black mask, worth $3.95 each.

*this post is sponsored by My Beauty Diary and all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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