Tuesday, March 10, 2015

february favorites 02

february favorites

i didn't do much beauty shopping on february. instead, most of my beauty products are the products that i had being using since years ago. and definitely are a must products in my routine too, hope you enjoy reading :)

johnson's baby wipes

there are different brands and types of baby wipes selling in the markets, but my first choice will always goes to johnson's baby wipes in pink packaging. i tried other brands too but nothing can beats johnsons's as this wipes enriched with moisturizing lotion and has the mildest and softest fabric. please don't misunderstand, i do not use this as a potty wipes (hahaha..), i use baby wipes as a pre-makeup remover before cleansing my face with makeup remover cleansing cream. my sister used to think i was crazy for removing parts of my makeup by baby wipes, but after gentle introduction and influences, now she starts her own pre-makeup remover routine too. beside removing makeup, i brought along baby wipes all the times in my bag. you can see me using it for hand wiping, cleaning my table and etc which is superb awesome!

lactacyd feminine hygiene

i think every girls or women should own a bottle of feminine hygiene in their bathroom cabinet. i use hygiene wash all the times during my bath, not because my intimate part smell (well,i hope not) but i felt much more confident in myself after the wash. some may thought that they can use body wash for intimate part, but who know..i won't risk anything that may cause irritation.
lactacyd feminine hygiene is formulated to help maintain pH balance in the intimate area to keep it healthy and fresh all day long

artistry polishing scrub

i scrub my face 3 times a week to remove dead skin and to improve my uneven skin-tone. it contains hydrogenated jojoba beads that gently exfoliate my skin and leaving soft and supple skin. the most important is that the jojoba beads are small yet enough to do all the exfoliation works pretty well.

what's your favorite beauty products from february? let's us be beauties!


Alissa said...

I just recently found baby wipes and man how have I lived without them? They are my favorite tool right now!

angkisland said...

nice product awasome...

Heather said...

I l-o-v-e hearing about what other women are doing as part of their beauty ritual :) Thanks for the tips and tricks, lady.

And, thank you for your sweet comment! So nice for me to know that someone out there is still reading :)


Audrey Lin said...

Ahh I never heard about feminine hygiene. I mean, I've heard of hygiene, but yeahh.. I feel so unclean now haha. Gotta get on that :P // I usually just use a foam face wash to cleanse my face, and I use a scrub once a week maximum if at all, because I'm paranoid that my skin is too sensitive. My skin has been getting drier and flaky though, so I think I need to start turning on my humidifier.. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's