Thursday, March 5, 2015

evening walk at macritchie reservoir

few weeks ago, i was rushing for deadlines for projects and presentation and final exam's revision too. the tension and pressure were in the highest limit where i believe if i don't relieve all those negativity, i will gone crazy. since i had being eyeing to go macritchie reservoir for days, i took this opportunity and rode our bike to this place for an evening walk. durations from home to reservoir was quite easy and fast.

this was our first time visiting macritchie reservoir and i was extremely excited as i saw lot of joggers running and exercising, families and children playing around laughing cheerfully and happily in the play area and us watching and admiring all the mother nature's creations.

macritchie reservoir is the oldest reservoir in singapore. the attractions in macritchie reservoir is definitely suitable for those outdoors's lovers. along our walk, we passed by monkeys' families and squirrels where they were lingering around waiting to be fed and tortoises relaxing and lazing upon the surface of the reservoir. oh, and the water in reservoir is so clear and clean that we saw lots of seaweed and marine algae in the reservoir bed. and we managed to catch sunset too!

able to spend time with the love ones is so great! i'm appreciating every moments that mister and i together whereas we talked to each others, listening to each others and trying to understand each others too.

and here, a few photos from our evening walk in macritchie reservoir (we only able to explore quarter of the place)..

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