Monday, February 2, 2015

this month-february

making- yummilicious american,i don't even have a kitchen,this is all my imaginations
craving- waffles topped with ice cream and syrup
playing- with my iphone game now, while blogging~~
listening to- happy together by turtles..old song but making my day superb special
watching- wild card
wearing- pajamas dress with a minnie cartoons on it..feeling cute
learning- how to smile even to the hardest things happening recently
going to- shop this weekend, chinese new year is coming! i need new clothes
working on- marketing's project, and ready for presentation coming thursday
obsessed with- instagram, i love to stalk on someone profile who have great photography skills
planning- our budget as mister and i need to distribute red packets for kids this chinese new year & valentine's secret gift for him
researching- on how to do a video..any idea?
hoping- currently, world peace
starting- to make reading a habit every night before sleep
finishing- my second semester in a week and holidays going to start soon!

*this month post is inspired by kelsey, love her blog so much*

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Ice Pandora said...

Tehehe, lovely currents at February c: