Thursday, February 5, 2015

shopping time!

 *image from h&m singapore*

i'm so excited to see new couple's face featuring zhao xun & archie kao in the h & m chinese new year collection 2015. both of them are so cute together and of course,i'm in love with the chinese new year collection too.

chinese new year is officially less than a month.this year i didn't go back to my own hometown,instead i stay with my mister's family for the i wish i could be home but due to some circumstances i have to return to singapore earlier than expected. but....this won't change my interest in shopping for new year's clothes. h & m is one of my favorite retail brands and i absolutely adore their new year collection where everything are in red. can't blame so much "redness" as this is festive season..and this girl can't wait to go shopping!!

and a few of my favorites:

have you start doing your chinese new year shopping?

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Jasmine Hwang said...

Happy Almost New Year Josephine! I hope you have the best time with your mister even though you can't go home!

Happy Shopping! :D

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