Tuesday, February 24, 2015

my 1st melissa color feeling ii

story-telling time:

my families believe in a myth that had being going on for years now. every babies should not be wearing shoes before they turn a year old.or else those babies will not own a good-condition shoes that he/she wore more than few months whenever they started wearing shoes. and this is totally happening to me.

i'm the eldest in the family and my parents love me so much that they bought shoes for me to wear before i turned one year old.from that day onwards, all of my shoes/sandals/ballerina will not last more than 6 months and ready to be thrown to dustbin.

there is no strong explanation or facts on this myth, but personally i believe it a little. perhaps, the way that i walked in the shoes making the shoes spoiled easily. i never spent a fortune in buying shoes anymore ever since i knew my shoes spoiled too easily. anything over $50 is counted as expensive to me.

but this chinese new year, i wish to break my own rule. i bought my very first melissa color feeling ii in grey. a lot of my friends highly recommended melissa "jelly" shoes to me as they are comfortable, fashionable and long-lasting too..i had to give it a try, and paid $140 for a pair in hoping to break those myth. haha..

melissa color feeling ii has the softest cushion insole with the metal double-bows that is effortless and can be wear either formal or casual. definitely lovin' this pair of beauties now. and the "bubble gum" scent is a double bonus for me too.

what do you think? do you own a pair of melissa?

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