Monday, February 2, 2015

january favorites 01

january favorites

i've decided to include my monthly favorites beauty products into my post ever since i saw some professional bloggers did it too.i can't find back the blogger's link who gave me such a great inspirations to be brave and post in my own blog. i'm glad that i did it :)

l'occitane pillow mist
last few years, i always had trouble to get into sleep most of the night, especially if i watched too much ghost movies or murdering movies. i tend to freak out easily and got a lot of bad dreams.most of the time, i ended getting very tired the next day because of the bad friend gave me pillow mist as a present few years back, and i absolutely adored it as it helps improved my sleeping routine and i still using the same brand until now.this pillow mist combines the soothing properties of 100% natural essential oils (lavender, tea tree and geranium) with softening lime blossom extract, to calm tensions and soothe nerves.its aromatic fragrance helps ease away stress and anxiety and promotes a peaceful and repairing sleep. just spray generous amounts to pillow or bed sheets.

tresemme moisture rich conditioner
this conditioner works amazingly for me! i have very very dry hair as i had coloring and chemical rebonding on my hair. before this conditioner came into my life, my hair tended to get tangled and knotted everytime after every was kind of frustrating.tresemme moisture rich conditioner delivers hydration that target dryness and locks in moisture where my hair needs it. i switched to other brands too but for daily usage, this is my priority. and the price is affordable too!

mentholatum deep moist lip balm
girls, no one gonna love kissing that chapped i live in humid country,my lip tends to get dry easily.
mentholatum deep moist lip balm is one of the best selling lip balm in japan's lip care market.i was being attracted to buy this brand was because i noticed the "deep moist" words in the packaging. it contains hyaluronic acids, avacado oils, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e to moisturize and repairs dry lips. i applied daily every morning and before sleep as i stayed in air-conditioning room most of the times.i did noticed that my lip looking pretty moisturize and smooth now :) oh, and my lips is plumper now!! definitely satisfied consumer here.

what's your favorite beauty products from january? let's us be beauties!

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