Friday, February 27, 2015

first dress for first day of chinese new year

first of all, i wish everyone "happy chinese new year 2015, may all the wealth, happiness and good health surrounding us all the year"

chinese new year is all about red, red, and red. chinese believes red symbolize joy, good fortune and auspicious to everyone. chinese should be wearing red on the first day of chinese new year. we won't be surprise if someone is wearing red inner too.

this year my mum purposely made a call to remind me of buying something red on the first day as i was in my in-law's house for the festival. my mum was worrying that in-law might be feeling "bad luck" with darker colors. frankly, i can't find something in red that will fit me perfectly,instead i found this flowery dress in h&m. and i thought that it was perfect for first day of chinese new year. don't you think so?

so merry, so colorful, and cheerful..

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