Thursday, January 8, 2015

this month-january

making -a habit to remove my daily makeup as clean as possible on daily basis
craving - ice-blended peppermint mocha, though december just over 8 days ago
playing - tenerife sea by ed sheeran
listening to - tenerife sea by ed sheeran, it's a wonderful song
reading - don't tell the boss by anna bell
watching - thatsheart's channel in youtube
wearing - pajamas and preparing to cuddle with mister in a short while
learning - to be patient with everything and tolerate delays
going to - sleep in half an hour time..i'm exhausted today
working on - organizing my blog's template
obsessed with - blog > brunch at audrey's
planning - our financial and savings and perhaps a small online business for this year
researching - how to do survey questions for my project in marketing
hoping - that i will be able to finish my projects and assignments before due date end of this month
starting - to mark my calendar with activities and tasks rather than memorize them in my brain
finishing - deep cleaning my room which was full of dust and unused items

*this month post is inspired by kelsey, love her blog so much*


Kaasja said...

Lovely blog, looking forward to see more posts from you!
Would you like to follow each other ?

kelsey said...

So, so great! You will love looking back at your January post at the end of the year :) Glad you're joining in on the fun!