Saturday, January 3, 2015

summary of 2014

i'm very very grateful that i signed up myself into blog community and documenting every single happening in my blog.i'm a forgetful person, sometimes i tend to forget the simplest things in my life..but blog really helps in memorizing histories.and, it is so worth for me to sit down and read back every single word that i posted previously..

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january,i tried to leave my comfort zone and did countdown with a bunch of friends in hard rock cafe.
i blogged about my resolutions for the year which i had accomplished some of them and some still in the process.

february,for the first time ever i celebrated chinese new year with mister's family and bought three new dresses for chinese new year (dress 1, dress 2, and dress 3). able to be home in the mid february to visit my own family was the best, and mister and i celebrated valentine day in my hometown

march,i chopped 3 inches off my hair..and visited river safari for the first time ever!

april, mister and i had a little date and witnessed the most beautiful sunset in our life. part-time classes started and i got myself cute little pencil case. i did a HUGE decision to chop off my long hair which i had grown for more than 2 years.i set a motivation to be healthy and woke up early for morning walk in henderson waves

may was my birthday's month and we celebrated 7th years anniversary

june, my second sister officially graduated and became educator in primary school now..i'm so proud of her. and we celebrated father's day after the graduation

july, mister and i registered our self for the 10km run. it was really tiring since i did little practice only before that but we did finished and being rewarded finisher medals and shirts

august, i dream to have my own tree house, visited fountain of wealth which is located in the center of the city and my best colleague decided to resign and setup her own business in malaysia.i was sad that she resigned.

september, i passed my first semester pretty well!! first time ever attending blogger's event and celebrated lantern festival

october, i met up with my second sister for the weekend and attended friend's wedding together. my colleagues and i decided to have a short getaways to nearest island,batam (part 1, part 2). batam island is a beautiful place! mister and i explored burger's world one night and we found vegan burg.and i started my weekly thankful lists.

november, mister and i went to clarke quay to join the halloween's party although we did not wear any costume. since it was thanksgiving's month,i did a simple lists to be thankful

december was mister's birthday.i did a little surprise for him.i booked air-tickets and went back hometown to celebrate my papa's birthday. went to book signing session during bookfest to meet up with one of my favorite writer. celebrated christmas in the simplest way and finally, mister and i married for a year now.

my year may seem cliche and normal and perhaps,nothing exciting but i still feel great to be able to document everything into my little blog.

may 2015 brings me more joy and happiness!


Audrey Lin said...

What an eventful year! haha I have a feeling it'll be a tradition for me to come up with New Year's resolutions mid-January rather than at the beginning of it like everyone else :P I agree that blogging is such a great form of documentation! I tried starting several journals but never completed a single one. I even bought a bunch of beautiful notebooks to keep me motivated, but that backfired because I was always to worried about marring the beauty of the notebooks with my pen marks. Blogging has thus been the most successful way I've kept track of what's been going on in my crazy (really not that crazy) life :P Happy New Year, and may 2015 be filled with awesomeness! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Hannie Blaise said...

It's amazing how eventful your last year has been :) I also think that blogging is the greatest way to document your life and that's why I enjoy doing it so much. You have a lovely blog!

Happy New Year to you!


Ice Pandora said...

What a lovely 2014 sum up! I love
that you enjoy the 'little' things
in life which is really good c:
Lots of first things as well!
Lets have a wonderful 2015 together!