Tuesday, January 6, 2015

my resolutions for 2015

this year, as usual..i did a few resolutions for myself. though sometimes i hate to call this resolutions as most of the resolutions were never being done properly, but life with resolutions aka targets aka dreams will be more meaningful than without..agree with me?

for this year resolutions:

-be happier
i can't stop myself from aging (does 30 sounds old?) but i knew secret to younger skin is to be happy and smile more or laugh more.recently, i noticed a few fine lines started to appear at the edge of my eyes..i'm kind of worry here..eyes cream have became my "must-have" beauty product in daily regimen. any tips to prevent lines?

-develop reading habit
i'm a slow reader..slower than a snail..a novel can lasted for a year, covered with dust and spider webs yet i still have half unread. ain't healthy habit,i should develop more reading interest and practice reading few pages everyday

-blog more
i'm really grateful that i discovered blogging platform. blogging is a place where i felt comfortable to express my feelings, my words and my intentions. blogging improved my grammars and my vocabulary too! and blog brought back lots of memories whenever i viewed back the previous months.i'm targeting myself to blog at least three times a week.

-mastering photography skills
photography is definitely one of my favorite hobby to do on weekend..where ever i went,my canon 600d will be in my bag too. landscape and scenery is my targets now

-debt free
mister and i had owed some study loans and credit cards from government and banks. honestly,paying interest ain't fun..this year, both of us (hand in hand) hoping to clear all the debts and going for free-debt life.

my favorite country to visit >> taiwan..i'm not sure why i adore this country so much but i had being to this country twice and each times i ended up bringing extra luggage home..oh,the food!! believe me,i love love love every stalls along the night markets.hopefully i can save enough to travel during winter period as i had being there on summer and fall.

-world peace
this is definitely out of my control but i will pray daily hoping for world free from wars, disasters and accidents..these are the reasons why i never read newspaper

and lastly, this is my favorite photo currently..love it so much!


Audrey Lin said...

YES YOU HAVE TO VISIT TAIWAN! and drink bubble milk tea every day and have dinners at night markets every night. // I'm also trying to do more independent reading, so I started the GoodReads 2015 reading challenge. This is my first year attempting it and I've set my goal to 15 books this year. One of my favorite book blogs, Stay Bookish, set her goal to 100 (last year hers was 150)! // It's not about when you get there but how you get there. May 2015 be filled with progress and awesomeness! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jen Hsieh said...

Ah! I love these resolutions - I haven't been back to Taiwan to visit family in over 5 years and I miss it. The food makes me fall in love with it over and over again. :)

Also, the #GetJumpy giveaway on my blog is open to anyone in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France!