Wednesday, January 14, 2015

mask review: my beauty diary // imperial bird's nest mask

few weeks ago, i did a $5.99 checkout purchase for four samples from sample store.well,if you're interested you may click here

one of them is beauty diary-imperial bird's nest mask.everytime when i heard of products with bird's nest,my eyes will appeared extra large and my mouth will went "wow" (as if i stroke 4D)..bird's nest is so expensive and luxury!! i did research and found out that bird's nest is high in protein and good in building skin's collagen and moisturizing agents.of course,i was excited to try it out.
descriptions from the packaging:

optimally nourishing-amino acids, collagen and polysaccharides extracted from supreme imperial bird's nest can penetrate deeply into extremely dry skin to nourish it. this is accompanied by natural plant extracts from oats, brown algae and maple sugar that hydrate, retain moisture and soothe. the patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient cosphingo, helps to moisturize and refine skin texture, rendering skin perfect to touch and optimally nourished.

invigorating and moisturizing- centella asiatica, baobab tree pulp extract, hydrolysed soy and rice protein essence soothe dryness, prevent skin from cracking and provide highly-effective moisturization for enhanced skin elasticity. with the soothing and hydrating effects from malva sylvestris and multiple types of algae, your skin is invigorated and alluring.

skin types:

normal skin types, recommended for extremely dry skin

after cleansing and toning, tear open the mask and apply it over the face. remove after 20-30 minutes.if there is essence left on the face, gently massage it into the skin with fingertips until it is fully absorbed. no rinsing is necessary.follow your regular skincare regimen to seal in the nourishment.
my review:

my skin got dried easily as i was in the air-conditioning room most of the times.and i had to apply mask twice every week to maintain my skin to be moisturize all the times.after all drier skin get wrinkles easily! i have quite a "huge face", and i always concern on the mask sheet. "my beauty diary" has the perfect sheet's size for my face which i was very comfortable with. the smells was light and relaxing. after 30 minutes, i took off the sheet and followed the instruction to massage the remaining lightly. it mentioned that i don't have to wash off, yet i felt my skin quite sticky after it dried up..hence i had to rinse with water. my skin felt soft and rejuvenated after the mask..i can definitely saw my pores getting smaller than before use.
brow-less face

8 out of 10
i will definitely recommend this mask for friends who have dry skin..and i will buy for my own use too :)

*this is NOT a sponsor post, all the opinions above is by my own, by clicking the referral link above i may get some extra points to redeem other samples*

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