Monday, September 29, 2014

hungry..and then..this conversation started

*instagram: joselovincolors*

*while waiting for bus to arrive*

me: i'm hungry!
mister: be have too much fat,should survive through hunger a while
me: i can't..too hungry.. you should know i love yummy food
mister: ya,i knew..that's why you can't slim down
me: >_<

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sample Store KA Bloom

on last saturday,i felt honored being invited by sample store to attend their event. the event provided on-site preview of the new sample store, on-site sampling, beauty sales, meeting up with whole sample store's team members, lunch and some sweet treats too.

the event was partnership with lot of beauty brands, and held at fullhouse signature cafe along the singapore river in clarke quay. i was pretty excited to attend as fullhouse cafe always gave me a very cozy and vintage environment which i felt most comfortable with..

i reached superb early (punctuality is a must :P)..there was a few girls around earlier than me. surprisingly. i got a very warm greetings from the teams once i stepped into the main door of the cafe..which made me felt so welcome :)

i was being given a bag full of goodies upon arrival, and a card to visit every beauty booths to understand more about the products-from free foods, free testing, makeover, and skin analysis too.i did stopped at most of the booths to try out their new and current products..all the beauty consultants were very patience and friendly to answer all of my queries about beauty..

and there were a few more booths where i did not managed to snap photos as the place was getting really crowded in the afternoon..

after visiting all the beauty booths, i exchanged with another bag of goodies.i was really excited as i really really love good samples..
i waited till the last session which was lucky draw. sadly, i did not win this lucky draw..but i still felt glad that my hand was full of goodies :)
i felt thankful for sample store's team members for organizing such a fun event for us to attend. i did learn a lot of beauty knowledge during this few hours here..

and i wish all the best to new Sample Store. xoxo

Monday, September 22, 2014

semester one examination results..with slogan "i believe"

in a blink of eyes, school holiday halfway gone now..and i still left few weeks to relax before hectic life start again.

i got my results for first semester last friday. i logged in to the webpage to view the results..i still remembered my heart thumped pretty fast, full of excitement, terrified, anxious, nervous and my hands started shaking when my computer's screen showing "loading sign".. finally all those feelings gone when i saw "passed"..

i can said that i got pretty good results,my cumulative gpa is 3.50..

one semester gone, looking forward to another to come.

i believe i can do it!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

nivea: body intensive moisture serum

body lotion? checked!
hand lotion? checked!
face moisturizer? checked!
face serum? checked!
body serum? ????????
thanks to sample store for sending nivea body serum for me to review. honestly this is my first time ever using body serum..before this,i don't even know this exist? frog in a well..i'm glad that i was given this chance to try out body serum. i can't denied that i have dry skin as i stay in air-conditioning room for more than 12 hours daily.i'm quite a lazy bug, i don't use body lotions..and to prevent skin de-hydrated, i have to drink lot of water to recover back. unfortunately, water is not my favorite too.and recently i had slightly became hardworking as i saw some results here.. :) roll down to read more.
some gentle introduction for nivea body intensive moisture serum:

nivea body intensive moisture serum spf 25 pa++ comes with an extra light and non-sticky serum formula to allow for quick absorption into the skin.with mostly nature inspired ingredients, the formula is gentle and does not result in thinning of skin.within 24 hours from application, the 8 signs of dry and damaged skin become less apparent.with the inclusion of the new ingredients-vitamin E, grape seed oil and avocado oil ,the improved formula is better equipped to provide long-lasting & intensive care for dry to very dry skin.
my reviews:

as i mentioned above,i did saw some improvements in just one application.i applied some serum on my right thigh..i did felt that the serum absorbed quite fast into my skin. the i love the relaxing scent too!
after a while,i touched my skin again to feel the actual different. i felt that my skin more moisturized and smoother.i can't believe what i saw actually, and i quickly asked mister and examined once again. he agreed too,that my skin after serum was more moisturized and revive!
and this was the clearer view on my left and right right thigh definitely felt more hydrated & rejuvenate than left one. miracle did happened sometimes :)
how to get it:

available in 3 sizes – 75ml ($2.00), 250ml ($6.90) and 400ml ($9.90), nivea body intensive moisture serum are retailing at all major pharmacies and supermarkets since september 2012

how to WIN it or get it FREE:

you may redeem free sample of nivea body intensive moisture serum on to receive the A5 brochure with the magnifying glass cut-out in order to participate in the instagram contest

win $200 shopping vouchers and nivea hampers worth $100!! 2 winners will be handpicked by sample store editors,Holly Jean & Trixy.

contest run from 25th august to 30th sept. winners will be announce on 1st oct 2014.

don't forget to hashtag: #niveasg & #intensivemoistureserum

*this post is sponsored by Nivea and all the opinions above are by my own*

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 ways to motivate myself to exercise

*photo from July 2013 in east coast park*

since school holidays started weeks ago,i have a few hours to kill before bedtime.i made my own targets (i did a post,actually) to visit gym and there is no more reasons not to go.. i'm that good in making resolutions. every morning i packed my sport bra,socks and extra clothes with full of motivation, but every bits of the motivation went off whenever 6pm reached. i felt tired, exhausted and i miss my bed so much..i prefer to go home early and spent my night with hong kong dramas.

finally, those stubborn periods went off and i felt motivated to go gym daily.and gladly i found few ways to keep myself excited about exercising and i would definitely love to post it.i'm not a professional but this few ways did got me motivated.

set my own targets
i knew setting targets is easy, yet difficult to be fulfill. lot of people are not dare to set targets as they knew they might unable to follow their own targets. i would said that i'm quite brave in setting my own targets..mister and i agreed that we should be visiting gym at least 4 times per week, more than 1 hour spent each time far we did great!! and i felt healthier now..

find a gym partner 
aka my mister. mister is my couch and trainer. he had his own session with professional trainer, and he trained me once he learn something new the next day. my "trainer" will guide and motivate me whenever i felt lost or tired. with just a few extra positive comments, i felt determine to do more.. and our relationship have gained stronger than before..we have more topics to chat around. win win situation,right?

give some time to check my own body through mirror
i knew..this sound superb weird, but is true. before i changed clothes on, i will stand still in front of mirror at least 1 minute to carefully  examine which part should improve and which area i feel confident with. i always felt i should do more core exercises to build abs, my "trainer" always requesting me to do plank..plank is the best exercise to build abs and balancing.

buy a size smaller cloth 
i may not advice to do this whenever you shop, but at least buy one of your favorite piece of dress in a size smaller. sound wasting money as you may not be able to wear it, but this is motivating.whenever i open up my closet, i will always saw my favorite dress looking at me desperately. the dress had gave me such a huge motivation to go gym and exercise harder.

rewards myself after exercising
rewards can be small and cheap items..a glass of fruit juice, a bowl of salads or a bottle of nail is up to you.

exercise can be fun too!

Monday, September 8, 2014

happy lantern festival

 hi girls,

today is fifteen day of eighth month in chinese calendar which mean today is lantern day / mid-autumn day. and today is full-moon day!! this day is consider as important chinese faimilies will gather and have dinner together, and eating moon cakes together. for kids, this day is a day for them to play with their cute lanterns.

as for mister and i..we did nothing special. both of us hit the gym hard today and went for indian food.
we rode home after that and saw bunches of kids running and playing around at the nearby playground..happily..and freely. both of us decided to check out for full moon and we found it somewhere hiding above a tall tree.

it is a beautiful moon..slightly covered with thin cloud which caused the light faded a little..but i'm still glad that my iphone did great job in snapping the photos.
happy lantern festival!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

tsubaki: hair oil

hi girls,

how's ya doing? in this post i would like to share a new hair product to you..

i'm a girl who is always seeking for a good products for my hair.i don't have a perfect hair, i always facing dry,unmanageable,tangle,frizzy and dull hair..can you believe every time i stepped into saloon,my hair stylist always commented that i had quite terrible hair..and i admitted!! now,i'm glad that i have being given a chance to try out tsubaki hair oil..
some gentle introduction for tsubaki hair oil:

this hair oil is formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturise and repair hair to create more luxurious shiny.its instantly penetrates hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky and also help to protect my hair from UV rays and heat from hair dryer which may cause split ends and hair breakage
how to use:

to apply evenly, spread half of the 20 cents size for mid-length hair (for me i used 10 cents as i has shoulder-length hair) onto the palm and work through the hair.then, spread the second half onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application.

to prevent flat hair, refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly.start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to prevent flat hair.

to reduce volume or prevent dry hair, apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volume

my reviews:

firstly, please accept my apology for my uneven hair colors.i went to hair saloon yesterday and my hair stylist did some rescue on it already. as i mentioned before,i had very dry and dull hair. i love tsubaki hair oil so much as after application, i have shinier and healthier hair is much more manageable than before. and tsubaki hair oil has the most relaxing scents of floral and, the packaging is so cute and adorable that i can easily pack and put in my bag for daily or traveling use..
how to get it:

available exclusively in Watsons from 11 September 2014 onwards..and the price will be $26.90 for individual 60ml

how to win it:

please "like" tsubaki singapore facebook page (as per below photo). secondly, share and tag two of your friends...this is so easy!!

thanks tsubaki for this amazing product!

*this post is sponsored by Tsubaki and all the opinions above are by my own*

Monday, September 1, 2014

happy first september & happy school holiday

*instagram: joselovincolors* discovered this beauty sunset hiding behind those building,it was such a pretty moments after hectic working days

hey girls,

happy first september!!

happy school holiday!!

school holiday had started last week thursday (after final exam on wednesday)..and i had finished one out of five semester!! for a working adult like me,school holiday is such a precious moment. i'm not complaining, but whenever there were classes scheduled..i don't have much time left for my own, sometimes i felt quite pathetic about this too..

on this school holiday (beside working hours) i plan for something else..

sleep more
school projects & assignments are such an important homework to me. as a part-time student, part of my final marks are depend on the "them"..either passing with flying colors or fail terribly. sometimes, i may need to squeeze little bit of my brain juices to get good reports. all of this had lead to lack of good sleep or bad dreams..for this holiday, i will grab all the chances to sleep more

explore singapore
though lotsa peoples may thought that singapore is a very small country (and i agreed this too) but..singapore has a lot of beautiful places, waiting for me to explore and get more photos..

read novels
i love books! i love story books! i love novels so much! most of my books were from local book fairs..with very cheap bargains. but i took so long time to finish even a books. i plan to use this holiday to read my novels..hopefully i can share the storyline in my future posts

exercise regularly
mister and i are member in fitness first. we have the priority to go to gym anytime we want.sometimes, i just got too tired and may skip gym, no more reasons for this holiday!

hang out with mister
though we stay together, but we only met each others after work..and both of us have little time to chit-chat about our days..i believe strong relationship is build through quantity and quality.

hopefully this one and half month will goes by slowly..just enough for me to enjoy!