Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hi ladies..happy tuesday!!

recently,i'm obsess with mittens..don't you think they're cute and feminie? unfortunately i can't really wear them in my country as they might be too hot for summer weather 24/7..and can you believe,even though i love mittens,i actually didn't own any of them. but i'm so ready to get one in future for vacationing somewhere colder.

what is your current obsession? please share with me..


Friday, April 25, 2014

a period of reflection & thoughts

*this is me..in a much nerdy & dorky specs* look at those Asian eyes!!

-believing that life is full of miracles..

-reading my finance notes..i can't understand much here,anyone can help me?

-planning my schedule..since school started,i felt that i don't have much time left for personal,i need to be wise in arranging my timing

-eating mixed rice for dinner..and drinking rose teas to calm down my nerves

-motivating..*thinking*...gym motivates me,but i have not visit gym over a week now..i miss gym

-wearing pajamas,ready to jump in to bed


Thursday, April 24, 2014

testing via ipad & tomorrow is friday!

hello ladies..

guess what?i'm trying to post this via ipad and i hope this post will be successfully upload..

well,i'm passing by to say that tomorrow is friday!!!!!! yahooooo...


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

singapore: henderson waves

hi ladies,

how your day?i'm doing great here..

some sunday the man and i would just prefer to stay in bed till very late morning and wake up for brunch instead of breakfast.but one sunday we were different. we wake up really early and we went for morning walk. singapore has a lot of places for morning walk but this round i choose henderson waves.
this was my first time here and i was really excited. henderson waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in singapore connecting mount faber park and telok blangah hill park.honestly, there was no difficulty at all to walk on the bridge (which mean no much calories burnt) and it is actually disabled-friendly too.

what made this pedestrian bridge so special and unique is its stunning curve and wavy structure consisting of a series of undulating curved “ribs” and these ribs did their function as shelters for the public visitors.i even saw some families brought their food and did a little picnic there.we brought nothing and i just tried to climb up the ribs and pretend to be monkey hanging around..

when we walked to 77.88m above sea level, i felt myself holding my breath..through the gap of the wooden floors,i can definitely saw cars & buses passing by underneath.i said to myself,this was crazy!! but we did managed to explore the bridge. kind of adventurous too..
i read from google that henderson waves have a different looks during night time with the wave-form illuminated with attractive led light from 7pm to 2am daily. i should visit again some day..

do you do morning walk with your better half? how was the experiences?


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

bob haircut..this is my current obsession.

i got my haircut done last week and my stylist did a bob hairstyle for me.i'm totally in love with my new hair now..

and i started to look for more inspirations via pinterest. these are a few of my favs!!

what is your favorite haircut?


Monday, April 21, 2014

healthy morning walk

hi my ladies,

how is your day?today is my first day of school..honestly,study part-time is really tiring..

few weekends ago, my man and i went for a morning walk.both of us had decided to eat and live more healthily throughout the year.we choose to walk up the hill (more update will be on another post) and breathed in some fresh air. morning walk was fun and refreshing!! and looking at mother nature's creations is good for eyes too since i had being staring at computer my whole times
morning walk consisted of sport shoes,comfy outfits & no makeup..yeeks! i always felt terrifying whenever i walked out without makeup, but i did great on that day..

do you go for morning walk? let's us stay healthy..


Friday, April 18, 2014

happy good friday & a haircut

happy good friday,ladies..

today is a public holiday and i fully utilized it well.i wake up feeling fresh around 9am..i always felt that i can sleep more than this hour,but efficiency only started when you're not in bed.when my man and i walked out for breakfast, i saw trees full of blossoming flowers.they are so pretty..spring is arriving!!
and i made an appointment with my hair stylist to cut off my middle-length hair to shoulder-length hair.huge changes but i absolutely love my new hair now..
what did you do on this good friday?do you like my new hair?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

orientation first before school start

hello hello my dear ladies,

i had being keeping this secret for few weeks now and i'm going to reveal it in my blog here.


i'm taking my part time diploma in business practice & management course (sound cool,right?)..at the age of 28,almost 29 in a month!!

things i scare about the study:

1) 29 is old..and i'm terribly scare that i'm the oldest among my classmates
2) assignments..assignments, we won't be bff
3) exam..exam..i always have phobia for this word
4) i guess i'm too old to handle stress?
5) my brain had retired..they are not train to memorize

but....i decided that i should just went for it since i got sponsorship from my company and i don't even need to spend single cent in course fees.and today was my orientation day.the orientation was quite boring and the only thing i really concern was am i the oldest in my class? the answer is no and i was relieved..phew! so..my class will be start on next monday and i'm really looking forward to it. *fingers crossed*

oh..and let's me introduce my new pencil case to you. i named her "little betty"..she's adorable,right?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

evening date with sunset

 hello my ladies,

how are your wednesday? mine one was sleepy!! i think i don't had enough sleep last night ended up i felt terribly tired whole day today.
i got these photos one evening when the man and i decided that we should went out and had an evening date together.we went to sentosa and enjoyed sunset together. because of the hectic life,i had totally forgotten how beautiful sunset was till i saw it again that evening. i realized that i should slow down myself a bit and enjoy life at the moment..

enjoy life, girls!! before i end this post, let's me show you the most perfect jump from my man..yeehaa!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hello ladies,

sometimes i felt so blessed that pinterest exist in this internet world. i got so so so much inspirations from this webpage.

today, i crave for maxi dress. i always love maxi so much.i did bought a few pieces for my closet but i don't have much confident in wearing them. i felt fat and huge in maxi..perhaps because my body shape is not petite enough? i'm not sure..

how about you? do you love maxi dress like i did?


Monday, April 14, 2014

beauty products: nail polishes

hi ladies,

let's talk about nail polishes for a while..

i started to paint my nails since i was around 5 years old? can't remember the exact age but i knew when i was really really young.i got influenced from my mum, she loves nail polishes too and she had a few collections. when i started to earn some income,i bought my own nail polishes and started my own collection too.

i did not paint my nails regularly until i took it very seriously early of the year. i started to paint my nails every fortnight..and i started to buy more.kind of scary as i thought that i was addicted to nail polishes.did you have the same habit like i did?

here are a few of my fav:

 1) sally hansen nail nutrition of green tea & bamboo for strength. my nails seem to be cracking easily as they are quite thin,i had to got this even though it was quite pricey..but i love the results.
 2) revlon brilliant strength in enchant (080)
 3)nicole by opi in make a comet-ment(ni 358)
 4)face it by the face shop in br802
5)nicole by opi in love your life (ni 248)

i still have a lot of nail polishes to share..more update soon!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

i'm back with new inspirations..

hey ladies,

sorry for my disappearance this few weeks.life had being complicated but i'm hoping everything will be back to normal soon, i promise.

i miss my blog so much but i got no ideas what to post each times i logged in..and i decided my blog need a makeover.i had being searching for a new template since last week and finally i found out that joyce from joyful outfits did blog design.due to my budget, i purchased one of her ready-made "madeline template". and i love it!!totally worth to spend this money as i need a change, yeek! i hope with the new change, i will be more inspire to blog.

before i sign off, let me show you this:
*the most beautiful sunset i ever seen*