Friday, February 28, 2014

a period of reflection & thoughts

i can't believe today is last day for february. time flies without me knowing..and i don't do much productive things this's time for me to reflect back february..

-believing  in my man..i think we have the most horrible month (let's keep secret here) but i choose to believe what he did all the is one of the key for relationship

-reading  none!! i bought almost 10 fiction books during book fair last weekend and i don't have any mood to start my reading moment..disappointing.

-planning  my savings..i'm not a good planner but i took a small step to start save for future use..and i want to be debt-free.

-eating  heavy dinner just now..we went to private party organized by fitness first and we had being served free meal.

-motivating  in keeping fit..i just want to be healthy

-wearing  my pajamas dress.. yet not ready to sleep

Monday, February 24, 2014

don't be greedy

hi ladies,

the other days i saw an h&m advertisement in facebook asking us to share the h&m link and give a comment how to spend $500 voucher from h&m. sound interesting,right..especially the $500.

immediately i clicked "share" and gave my comment. *satisfying and waited patiently hoping that h&m will saw my comment and gave me the voucher*

a while later,i saw few of my friends shared the same link and i was like oh chance to win this giveaway is getting lower..*pray hard*

just now,one of my friend sent me a message from h&m company announcing that the advertisement was fake! it was just a spam from someone..

and i feel silly...and naive..haha

lesson learn..don't be greedy

Saturday, February 22, 2014

weekend ramblings

happy saturday, dear..

i'm so glad weekend has arrive..this week had being busy with work and gym,i just wish to slow down a bit on weekend.

yesterday i went to fashion fair in expo and i managed to grab a few new tops and skirts.the price is reasonable..and as low as $9!! but i didn't found any piece that i love in $9 racks.too bad.

recently,i'm into thrift store.i started to search in internet for the thrift store in singapore and managed to find a few.i'm planning to invite my friends to join for this shopping journey soon..who don't like thrift store,right?

glad that i finishing my ramblings here..have a nice weekend and i'm going to prepare myself for next week.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

comfort wear while lazy-ing at home

i'm back from my holiday and life have being as busy as usual..lot of things that happened during holiday this time.and i'm not blaming anyone..

i realized that not everything that i had planned went off smoothly.this is so called "life"..i hope i can handle well in everything that is going to happen..

back to my outfit..this is what i wear every time i did nothing but lazy-ing at home.i prefer something casual and comfortable and presentable too..short jeans is always my priority, and i'm loving this h&m shorts.

not bad,huh?

Friday, February 14, 2014

it's valentine day

on this love month, i prefer more pink,polka dots and bows..

two nights ago, my sis and her boyfriend had double date with my man and i..we went to porkies for western dinner and i had to wear something cute.and i found this pink polka dots hanging in my sister's wardrobe...superb cute and definitely suited casual dinner well.

finally, happy valentine's day!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

feeling awesome to be home..

hi friends, i'm blogging through my hometown now.i took off from today till this sunday and flied back to my hometown to meet up with family.i miss them terribly..coming home feeling awesome!!

this is my traveling outfit this morning..i wore this cashmere sweater aka dress twice.first time i treated it as a dress (post here) and now i experienced it with jeans. this is the sweater aka dress that i love in the first sight..because of the lace is so cute and feminine. and to tone down the blueness, a bow-printed scarf is added.

i really crazy in lace!! oopps..don't forget polka dots and bows too!!

do you have the same craziness like i did? i would love to hear from you

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

flannel forever

honestly,this is my very first piece of flannel..can you believe that? i read lot of blog posts daily and i saw hundreds of surrounding peoples wearing flannel yet i never own one..until recently i found this love hanging on the discount racks in forever 21.

i grabbed and went to fitting room to try out and fall in love ever since..i had being wearing it twice during chinese new year, with jeans and shorts.flannel is so much flexible that i can mix and match easily.

and my wardrobe is complete now..thanks to flannel.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

chinese new year 2014-part 3

i was really exhausted from the outings daily..but in the other side, i was feeling really excited each time i wore new dress and involved in shopping activities..i'm true shopaholic.

happy day!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

chinese new year 2014-part 2

on the second day of chinese new year, my man took us to doraemon exhibition. i was very excited as i watched doraemon cartoons since i was kid..

and the best things was there was 100 different poses of doraemon for the visitors to snap..the entrance ticket was sold at rm25/pax..this sound really cheap,right? rm25 for 100 poses..worth every penny.
but disappointment came after excitement..the ticket queue was too long and my man don't have the patience to stand in the queue for hours.we gave up from the queue..and we went to the shop next to the ticket booth to buy some doraemon goodies as souvenirs.
and did you saw my hair here? one side was straight and the other side was little bit curlier..haha..

while i was trying to curl my hair, my man said he could snapped my outfit i gave up curling my hair and went posing in front of camera instead.this dress is my favorite now.i love the prints and cutting so much. and did you notice the hem of the dress?? i die for this..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

chinese new year 2014-part 1

hi ladies, i had being totally out from internet world for the last few days..and finally i'm back here.

the man and i went back to his hometown end of january to celebrate chinese new year with his families and relatives.since this is the first year of our marriage, i had to follow the "traditional way" which is i have to celebrate chinese new year in my in-law's place.
i was truly blessed as my mother in-law is a very kind and understanding woman. she decorated her house as merry as possible and she cooked the food that i love to eat..just to make me feel more homely.of course,i still miss my families so much but in the other side,i'm truly blessed and appreciated the whole moment of celebration.
we spent our first day of cny in his relatives place.the whole families came and gathered in a small apartment..we talked, gossiped, photo-shooting and gambled for the whole day..sound productive,right?
first day ended up really fun and great!! and i absolutely adored my dress..i got a few compliments about the it!!

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