Tuesday, December 16, 2014

this kind of saturday

on working saturday, my routines will always be the same>>half day work,take-away lunch,nap for few hours,wake up,dinner,cuddling with pillows and watching movies..

but on this particular saturday (when i was work-free) i wanted something different.i felt determined to spend my saturday wisely and productively.and this day deserved some recognition!

i packed up my bag-pack with necessities to gym earlier than ever (surprisingly!). gym was quiet with a few "muscles men" and trainers, equipments are clean without sweat's smell..fitting rooms were empty.i love this kind of peace in gym.on weekdays,i tend to queue for fitting rooms and toilet..and everywhere was jam-packed with sweating humans.

brunch was great too.i regretted ordering iced milo..i should indulge in hot coffee or tea.eating alone was totally not my style and perhaps,i will take-away in future..walking alone in neighborhood shopping mall was great! i spent times in drugstore walking from one aisle to another aisle without feeling lonely..i looked in details each of the beauty products as if i'm the beauty panelist for the magazines..

christmas's atmosphere heating up now,every families searching for the right gifts for the loved one, and i started to look for cute wrapping papers too.and i started wondering wrapping papers without gifts was useless! i have no idea what to buy for presents..

the weather was fine.no sign of raining too..

this was a great day!

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Ice Pandora said...

You go girl for hitting the gym during the holidays c: and I'd love to trademy tea with your Milo drink! Xx