Saturday, December 13, 2014

papa's 59th birthday

two weeks ago,mister and i flew back to my hometown to celebrate my papa's 59th papa seldom do birthday celebration before this as he worked terribly hard every year until he resigned and retired recently.and he is a conservative guy,he only agreed that his birthday was fall on 1st october (chinese calendar) instead of the date stated in his birth certificate.
he was really really happy with our attendance. one of my sister is in india and one of my brother was having exam that both unable to return an eldest,i volunteered to pay for the dinner as my papa wished to have dinner gathering with his mother,brothers and sister.while my sister paid for the birthday's cake..
my papa with his mama..don't they look alike?
my mama with youngest brother
happiest time always passed quickly and when i realized it was time to return to work,i felt totally nostalgic.i went back home four days and i ate mama has a habit to cook for us whenever we were home.and i definitely love her cooking the most.i'm really glad that with our attendance though for short period only,my parent are happy.i just pray hard everyday that they stay as healthy as possible..if they are happy,i'm happy too!
happy 59th birthday,papa


Audrey Lin said...

Happy birthday!!! I only see my extended family once a year over winter break, so I never get to partake in celebrations like this (with grandparents and stuff) with them. Anways, wishing your dad a long and healthy life! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Ice Pandora said...

Awwwies, that's really sweet c:
Happy birthday to your old man!
He looks really happy ^__^