Wednesday, December 31, 2014

one year wedding anniversary // 28.12.2014

it's being a year since mister and i officially married..

i still remembered vividly both of us prepared for this wedding since a year ago..we used up all of our savings for this wedding.we arranged and booked most of the wedding stuffs (parts of it with family & relatives help), most of the time we ended up argued on small little things.the whole year was pretty exhausted yet fulfilling..i just can't wait for 28th December 2013 to arrive as soon as possible.i wish to be call mrs cheah..i don't know what future we will hold, but i wanted to marry this man.our wedding went on smoothly on that day..

for most newly-wed couple, first year is the most blissful year. for me, i went through pretty rough path and too many hard heart broken several times and arguments and misunderstand were pretty normal amongst mister and i. for some reasons, we almost ended up in a stage where will make everyone is not easy to be wife and daughter in-law for others..but i never gave-up on our relationships. nothing is perfect in this world.and i believe putting in efforts into a relationship is a must, i believe both of us can go through this obstacles hand by hand.

one year mister and i successfully cleared all the bruises in our relationship. we restart, re-polished, re-arranged our relationship for better future. both of us knew we are meant to be together.and we love each others.

happy one year anniversary, mister..i will love you forever.

and happy new year eve!!! 

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