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MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

christmas in a day,i can't believe how fast is the time a blink of eyes,i'm almost 30 years old next year.(oppss..age is a secret for woman) kinda sad yet feeling exciting to welcome new stage into my only fear is extra wrinkles next year.while typing this post, i looked around my skin care products and i noticed that i used a lot of anti-aging products throughout the year. (wrinkles,let's us be enemies instead of friends..alright?just stay away from me)

few weeks ago,Sample Store sent MU Mieux Collagen Beauty Drink for me to try out. honestly this is my very first time knowing this brand and first time trying out collagen drinks. previously, my recipes to prevent aging are supplements, anti-aging skincare products and massaging.i guess now i will add one more recipe in my beauty diary..
gentle introduction for collagen beauty drink: 

MIEUX contains BHN Collagen which shows better absorption among collagens with same molecular weight.Also, CoQ10, Ceramide and Vitamin C & E are added to the formulation for enchanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

what is collagen?

collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body needed to maintain the structure and density of your skin. collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formulation of collagen and elastin
who needs it:

around 35 and 55 years of age, the level of collagen drops to 40% resulting in the loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.on average, collagen and elastin production begins to slow down when we reach age of 25. the earlier one begins, the better the long term benefits, but improvements can be made at any age.
when i will start to see results?:

consumers have reported noticing skin becoming more hydrated and supple within 2-3 weeks. however results do differ for individual as other lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking of tobacco products and alcohol consumption as well as sleeping habits and exposure to UV rays will also affect the condition of skin
directions for use:

recommendation one bottle per day before bedtime. for best enjoyment, please chilled and shake well before consumption
my reviews:

my first impression after reading the ingredients contained BHN fish collagen was feeling extract added yet i still felt it won't covered much the "fishy taste".i don't think anyone would love fishy tastes,neither do i. yet,i still wish to try out..because i wish to be younger and forever age!
as you can see below photo,i was quite skeptical to try out..mister aka photographer encouraged me to have a sip first before giving any comments.
he was right! i was too timid to try new things.MIEUX tasted like apple juice, but in a thicker version.and definitely tasted way better after chilled. and MIEUX is definitely much more convenience to bring to anywhere compare to other collagen drinks powder which may need us to mix with water.
shout-out for readers:

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*this post is sponsored by Mary Chia and all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

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