Tuesday, December 9, 2014

mister's 30th birthday

on friday's night,a day before mister's birthday..i asked "what do you wish to have on your birthday".he answered "nothing..just to be with you". i always had a hard-time celebrating mister's birthday as he is a minimalist and simple guy.he don't do celebrations and he don't want to get surprise.conclusion,he is not a romantic guy either.. (**)

but i still wish to give him some surprise on his brithday.hence, after work for half day on saturday's noon, i went to "the icing room" to grab a 4" cake and diy it myself. i thought design-it-myself would be more precious and memorable for mister. due to the limited space,i drew a simple "30" and added pink and chocolate cream icing with gold beads to compliment the cake..
the cake was stored secretly at the corner of the fridge until mister was home after 5pm. i brought the cake in front of him and sang birthday's song,he was so so surprised.i saw some tears messing up in the corner of his eyes..i thought his reaction was so precious and i totally forgotten to snap those moments.

we spent the rest of the night with napping and cuddling for movie times..this was the simplicity guy wished for his birthday after all..

happy birthday & may your wishes come true!

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Jasmine Hwang said...

You did such a great job decorating that cake! It looks adorable! Hope the two of you had a great time celebrating his 30th!

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