Tuesday, December 30, 2014

merry merry christmas 2014

it was pouring on christmas day.the wind blowing hard and the temperature was cold enough to hide myself in the thick blanket..mister and i preferred to stay at home while lot of our friends went out and did little gathering.we managed to watch several movies that we had missed from broadcasting in cinema. our christmas ended as simple as ever..and me,myself can't even imagine i can stayed at home whole day. oh, mister and i did bought each others christmas's presents too. i got him men's underwear (hehehe!) and he gave me hand cream.
it is our tradition to visit orchard road every year before or during christmas. but this year, we scheduled our tradition after christmas. and past sunday was the perfect weather for outdoor activities..the christmas's decorations were still hanging along the road..and we were lucky to view all the decorations before they take off. there were a few street performances and carol singing along the road too. that evening,we came home with a lots of beautiful and festive photos. i can't deny i adore christmas so much!

a few photos from past sunday..

belated merry christmas!

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