Wednesday, December 17, 2014

love-hate relationship with coffee bean's cafe

coffee bean's cafe is one of the least visited cafe in my cafe lists.each time i tend to pass by without even realizing the cafe is just around the corner or beside me.i have this kind of love-hate relationship with this cafe..

one year 31st december, mister and i joined our (previous) friends for new-year countdown in our neighborhood coffee bean's cafe. we sat in one corner with a few ice-blended in our hands and waiting for every minutes/seconds to pass..just to witness the fireworks that live for not more than 3 was a very sweet memory that will stay in my heart forever. and i would said "previous friends" as we are more likely strangers times passed,those friendships did not being well maintained..for some reasons

i was a poor student during college time. my best friend aka classmates was the one who introduced me to this cafe..she was the one who bought coffee to me during our college time. and i still vividly remembered i tasted each drops of that ice-blended as grateful as i can..well,we still remained very good friends till now.

and i love love their red velvet cake!! no other cafes can beat this,i promise!


Ice Pandora said...

I'm sorry to read about the 'hate'
part :c what a shame to break up
these friendships!
The red velvet cake looks really
nice and airy c: Xx

Kie I. said...

This was sweet; I know what you mean by associating a place or spot with both good and less-good memories... that nostalgia!


cute, nice pics!

Audrey Lin said...

It looks like you had great friendships with both friends, but one lasted while the other didn't. I guess we should focus on what we can appreciate and cherish the friendships we have right now instead of thinking wistfully about the past. If ever I'm having a bad day, there's nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jen Hsieh said...

I love places that come along with so many memories, whether or not the memories are good and bad. Looks like a sweet place. :)