Tuesday, December 2, 2014

if i have extra 2 hours to spend daily..

i always have this "if i have extra 2 hours" pooped into my mind once or twice each day..my curiosity towards this mystery 2 hours have getting more and more each day and i decided to announce this to the universe that i need this 2 hours..

i'm a procrastinator..i'm not well-organized person..i have a professional planner (with very smart black hard cover,neatly formatted each day on its own page,fully facilitated with adhesive labels,color-printed world map..you can imagine how beauties is this planner) that i bought last year before end of december and i hid him in a corner of my bookshelves,untouched..i guess he will be quite angry with me letting him covered with dust and spider-web..well,let him be~let him be~

so, now i imagining that if i have 26 hours per day..

i will blog more....professionally?
i will have more time to do my nails..poor nails,they scream for manicure
i will clean up my room..i mean now!
i will hit the gym..
i will finish my assignments on time
i will grab a sheet mask and slap it on my face now..my skin needs moisture urgently!
i will nap for this two hours..good skin comes from enough beauty sleep,right?
i will watch hunger games..everyone talking about this movie now.
i will read my newly-bought novel ("don't tell the boss" by anna bell)
i will have my coffee-break with chocolate cookies
i will spend more bath-time in bathroom..bath time is fun

after all the wild imaginations above, the fact that this 2 hours will never exist and won't be exist in this universe. and i have to stop thinking too much, and concentrating on how to utilize my 24 hours per day.

wish me luck and happy tuesday!

p.s.what you will do if you have extra 2 hours daily?

*photo taken by me at changi airport*


Ice Pandora said...

I understand and feel you about
having too little time. I think
you should pick 1 activity and
focus on that fully, instead
of trying to do more and
multitask. c:

Audrey Lin said...

Oh gosh, this is exactly how I feel about weekends! "If only there were three days in a weekend instead of only two, I'd definitely get all my work done before the week even starts!" I'd love to spend my two extra hours sleeping. Not the most exciting thing, but sleep is hard to come by for a college student! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's