Saturday, December 6, 2014

a little love notes for mister on 30th birthday

today,mister is officially 30 years old.before this, i felt that he was quite anxious that he will be entering the whole new stage of life but this morning when he wake up feeling fresh,i was quite happy for him.i guess, after all 30th is a great number for him..

i decided to do "love notes" for him, he may or may not read my blog (i will make him read)


hi babe,

happy birthday to you. i hope you will enjoy this day to the celebrate your birthday,i will share 30 reasons why i love you. and you will see 30's because.why 30? because you're 30th today!!

30 reasons why i love you

1.because you never forget to share good night kisses with me..every night before slept

2.because you encouraged me to buy novels though i never read them

3.because you praised i have good singing voice though i knew i sounded creepy sometimes

4.because you are my chinese-english translator, you knew how bad is my chinese

5.because you did window-shopping with me although i knew you have zero patient

6.because you letting me be "spender" while yourself "saver" in shopping field

7.because whenever i had difficulty in choosing one of my 2 favorite dresses,you will said "just buy both"..and i ended 2 dresses in my shopping bag

8.because you sponsored my splurge in nail polishes

9.because you bought second ring for me once i told you i lost my wedding ring

10.because you never got angry when i lost my wedding ring (anyway,i found my wedding ring in a corner of my closet)

11.because you're my photographer

12.because you compliment me everyday

13.because you always gentle-reminded me to be careful whenever i went to ladies

14.because you're my first reader & supporter to my social media (blog,facebook..etc)

15.because you picked me up from school three times per week

16.because you're my pillow talk buddy

17.because you're starbucks' lover and we share same love to the same coffee

18.because you letting me to choose your outfits daily

19.because you're a quiet sleeper

20.because you never complaint my snoring during sleep

21.because you ate mcdonalds,just because i love mcdonalds..

22.because you let me to laze in bed till wee hours on sunday without doing anything

23.because you made protein shake for me every morning,without fail

24.because you volunteered to pick up the dried clothes after laundry day

25.because you paid our bills

26.because you're my gym partner

27.because you're a humble guy

28.because you sms me daily to remind me to drink more plain water

29.because you're willing to share your emotions and thoughts with me

30.because just the way you're

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Jasmine Hwang said...

This is such a sweet gesture Josephine! Love #7!

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