Wednesday, December 31, 2014

one year wedding anniversary // 28.12.2014

it's being a year since mister and i officially married..

i still remembered vividly both of us prepared for this wedding since a year ago..we used up all of our savings for this wedding.we arranged and booked most of the wedding stuffs (parts of it with family & relatives help), most of the time we ended up argued on small little things.the whole year was pretty exhausted yet fulfilling..i just can't wait for 28th December 2013 to arrive as soon as possible.i wish to be call mrs cheah..i don't know what future we will hold, but i wanted to marry this man.our wedding went on smoothly on that day..

for most newly-wed couple, first year is the most blissful year. for me, i went through pretty rough path and too many hard heart broken several times and arguments and misunderstand were pretty normal amongst mister and i. for some reasons, we almost ended up in a stage where will make everyone is not easy to be wife and daughter in-law for others..but i never gave-up on our relationships. nothing is perfect in this world.and i believe putting in efforts into a relationship is a must, i believe both of us can go through this obstacles hand by hand.

one year mister and i successfully cleared all the bruises in our relationship. we restart, re-polished, re-arranged our relationship for better future. both of us knew we are meant to be together.and we love each others.

happy one year anniversary, mister..i will love you forever.

and happy new year eve!!! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

merry merry christmas 2014

it was pouring on christmas day.the wind blowing hard and the temperature was cold enough to hide myself in the thick blanket..mister and i preferred to stay at home while lot of our friends went out and did little gathering.we managed to watch several movies that we had missed from broadcasting in cinema. our christmas ended as simple as ever..and me,myself can't even imagine i can stayed at home whole day. oh, mister and i did bought each others christmas's presents too. i got him men's underwear (hehehe!) and he gave me hand cream.
it is our tradition to visit orchard road every year before or during christmas. but this year, we scheduled our tradition after christmas. and past sunday was the perfect weather for outdoor activities..the christmas's decorations were still hanging along the road..and we were lucky to view all the decorations before they take off. there were a few street performances and carol singing along the road too. that evening,we came home with a lots of beautiful and festive photos. i can't deny i adore christmas so much!

a few photos from past sunday..

belated merry christmas!

Monday, December 29, 2014

first time trying vietnamese cuisine // wrap & roll @ ion orchard

on sunday, mister and i went out for little date in ion orchard.both of us were hungry as we never have any breakfast before that as we wanted to save our tummy's space for food in ion orchard. as we walked around,i saw wrap & roll and mister agreed to be adventurous, leaving our comfort food alone and tried out new cuisine. both of us stared and studied the menu for few minutes before we excitedly ordered.
we didn't waited too long for the food to be served.we got christmas's platters (spring rolls, fried samosas, fried spring rolls, mini cupcakes with prawns & steamed rice crepe rolls), i got vietnamese fish noodles soup and mister (who love beef so much) got stir-fried pho noodles with beef. believe me, the portions were HUGE!! this photos can't even do the justice.

i never thought vietnamese cuisine is "my cup of tea"..even mister kept on praising the beef was not over-cooked and superb soft..we managed to finish everything and got so bloated and satisfied with their food and services.and their price is definitely affordable and inexpensive.

when i was home,i did some searching on this restaurant. i found out that wrap & roll had being awarded numerous awards like "best vietnamese restaurant chain 2010" by vietnam tourist board and "top 10 authentic & attractive vietnames food in hcmc"..not bad huh?

our visiting outlet:

ion orchard
2 orchard turn,
singapore 238801

opening hours: mon-sun 10am-10pm try out if you passing by :)
p.s.s. what cuisine is your favorite?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 10

this week is festive week..and i'm lovin' it. due to holiday, i worked 4 days only this week and enjoying my time to the is on holiday too and which mean class-free, assignment-free, homework-free, brain-free! my brain is on holidays mood too,i think they stop functioning this moments. me and my brain are planning to have enough rest before hitting 2015..we are in the progress on making resolutions together :P

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-happy rice bento.. is available in shihlin taiwan street snacks, in any neighborhood shopping mall.happy ricebox with xxl crispy fried chicken, smooth cold tofu with diced century eggs and completed with thick sauce made my day perfectly

-pouring rain..we got rain daily the whole week.some places in malaysia even having heavy flood due to rain storm. lucky, singapore have good draining system to get rid of the rain water. i love rain so much..hearing the dripping rain making me feeling relax and calm.but, everything seem so gloomy during this raining season..pros & cons..

-sweater season..this is the season where i can wear as much sweaters as i can. weather is cooling down making sweaters the most coziest pieces from the warbrobe this day where i can snuggled in my warm and cozy bed and watched some movies..and napped as much as i can

-clean bed sheet..nothing was more comforting than the smell of the newly-washed and clean bed i right?

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

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Friday, December 26, 2014

book signing session // bookfest 2014

last month when i was in hometown, my sister introduced a chinese book to me.
it was photography / motivations book written by Owen Yap, who is a presenter and host in Malaysia. He wrote the book after being traveling around the world and there are so much inspirations and positivity that i absorbed after reading it.
my sister read from the author's facebook that he will be coming to singapore to sign the books during bookfest 2014..of course,i grabbed the chance, tagged along mister and our friend, brought my book, stood in front of stage for an hour listening to his experiences and queued up in between the crowds to get a "real signature" from the author. and surprisingly he is a very humble guy..when it was my turn to hand over the book to him for signature, he kept saying "thank you for my support" was a great experience for me as this was my very first time joining book signing event..hmm,i guess i'm not too old for this kind of event

a few photos from the event below...

what a bookfest for without colorful stationary and bargain books, naturally..and i'm truly obsessed with stationary nowadays

have a blissful weekend!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas!!

have a

merry christmas!!!

mister & i

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

christmas in a day,i can't believe how fast is the time a blink of eyes,i'm almost 30 years old next year.(oppss..age is a secret for woman) kinda sad yet feeling exciting to welcome new stage into my only fear is extra wrinkles next year.while typing this post, i looked around my skin care products and i noticed that i used a lot of anti-aging products throughout the year. (wrinkles,let's us be enemies instead of friends..alright?just stay away from me)

few weeks ago,Sample Store sent MU Mieux Collagen Beauty Drink for me to try out. honestly this is my very first time knowing this brand and first time trying out collagen drinks. previously, my recipes to prevent aging are supplements, anti-aging skincare products and massaging.i guess now i will add one more recipe in my beauty diary..
gentle introduction for collagen beauty drink: 

MIEUX contains BHN Collagen which shows better absorption among collagens with same molecular weight.Also, CoQ10, Ceramide and Vitamin C & E are added to the formulation for enchanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

what is collagen?

collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body needed to maintain the structure and density of your skin. collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formulation of collagen and elastin
who needs it:

around 35 and 55 years of age, the level of collagen drops to 40% resulting in the loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.on average, collagen and elastin production begins to slow down when we reach age of 25. the earlier one begins, the better the long term benefits, but improvements can be made at any age.
when i will start to see results?:

consumers have reported noticing skin becoming more hydrated and supple within 2-3 weeks. however results do differ for individual as other lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking of tobacco products and alcohol consumption as well as sleeping habits and exposure to UV rays will also affect the condition of skin
directions for use:

recommendation one bottle per day before bedtime. for best enjoyment, please chilled and shake well before consumption
my reviews:

my first impression after reading the ingredients contained BHN fish collagen was feeling extract added yet i still felt it won't covered much the "fishy taste".i don't think anyone would love fishy tastes,neither do i. yet,i still wish to try out..because i wish to be younger and forever age!
as you can see below photo,i was quite skeptical to try out..mister aka photographer encouraged me to have a sip first before giving any comments.
he was right! i was too timid to try new things.MIEUX tasted like apple juice, but in a thicker version.and definitely tasted way better after chilled. and MIEUX is definitely much more convenience to bring to anywhere compare to other collagen drinks powder which may need us to mix with water.
shout-out for readers:

get one(1) box of MU MIEUX collagen beauty drink at only $88 (usual price $108) and a complimentary collagen facial worth $185/each.
bonus perks!! complimentary collagen facial worth $145/session for the 1st 100 readers!

you will be entitled for this exclusive promo by quoting
"Sample Store Exclusive & Jose Lovin' Colors" at their outlets. call 1800 250 2001 for redemption.
promo valid from 1 february 2015 - 31 march 2015

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happy shopping!

*this post is sponsored by Mary Chia and all my reviews above are sincerely my own*

Sunday, December 21, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 09

oh, thanks God it's weekend again! my life had being struggling a lots lately with exam and exam and of me wished to give up the other days, yet positive parts forcing me to continue to keep going.i'm very happy that i choose to be strong and conquered the "exam world"..and yes, my school holidays started on friday and happy girl is going to enjoy her year-end holidays for TWO WEEKS. it's kind of big deals to me now though i still need to work on morning.and i have some planning going on soon..  :)**

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-arguing with mister..this may sound crazy for some peoples and totally not worth to be thankful about. but for me,arguing makes both of us understand each others more deeply. though we had being together for 7 years,we still have more spaces to know each others and long conversation needed sometimes too..arguing is definitely a good communication.

-Owen Yap..beside doing presenter/hosting, he is an author too. he came to singapore to promote his very first book and book signing event. coincidentally we have the book and we went down to convention center to join the event.

-marketing lecturer gave back our marketing's paper on thursday. i was damn nervous when she called out our name to collect the paper from her as she had mentioned there were 2 failure students in this exam. luckily,i got 40/50..superb relieved when i saw the results. hardworking may not get the best results, but without hard work there's nothing. totally agreed with this quote.

-our house's owner..this morning he gave us a free ticket to universal studio singapore. we might not be going as we are under low-budget now, perhaps might gave to someone whose interested. free things always the best!!

-lunch with colleagues..this was very rare occasion and will only happened once in a blue moon. everyone seem so busy with works and personal issues..i was surprised when one of the colleague invited me to join them for lunch and i appreciated this lunch date a lots! three of us talked and chit-chat about everything from works to families and to financial..non-stop conversations for the girls..

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

*photo taken at citylink,city hall*

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

love-hate relationship with coffee bean's cafe

coffee bean's cafe is one of the least visited cafe in my cafe lists.each time i tend to pass by without even realizing the cafe is just around the corner or beside me.i have this kind of love-hate relationship with this cafe..

one year 31st december, mister and i joined our (previous) friends for new-year countdown in our neighborhood coffee bean's cafe. we sat in one corner with a few ice-blended in our hands and waiting for every minutes/seconds to pass..just to witness the fireworks that live for not more than 3 was a very sweet memory that will stay in my heart forever. and i would said "previous friends" as we are more likely strangers times passed,those friendships did not being well maintained..for some reasons

i was a poor student during college time. my best friend aka classmates was the one who introduced me to this cafe..she was the one who bought coffee to me during our college time. and i still vividly remembered i tasted each drops of that ice-blended as grateful as i can..well,we still remained very good friends till now.

and i love love their red velvet cake!! no other cafes can beat this,i promise!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

this kind of saturday

on working saturday, my routines will always be the same>>half day work,take-away lunch,nap for few hours,wake up,dinner,cuddling with pillows and watching movies..

but on this particular saturday (when i was work-free) i wanted something different.i felt determined to spend my saturday wisely and productively.and this day deserved some recognition!

i packed up my bag-pack with necessities to gym earlier than ever (surprisingly!). gym was quiet with a few "muscles men" and trainers, equipments are clean without sweat's smell..fitting rooms were empty.i love this kind of peace in gym.on weekdays,i tend to queue for fitting rooms and toilet..and everywhere was jam-packed with sweating humans.

brunch was great too.i regretted ordering iced milo..i should indulge in hot coffee or tea.eating alone was totally not my style and perhaps,i will take-away in future..walking alone in neighborhood shopping mall was great! i spent times in drugstore walking from one aisle to another aisle without feeling lonely..i looked in details each of the beauty products as if i'm the beauty panelist for the magazines..

christmas's atmosphere heating up now,every families searching for the right gifts for the loved one, and i started to look for cute wrapping papers too.and i started wondering wrapping papers without gifts was useless! i have no idea what to buy for presents..

the weather was sign of raining too..

this was a great day!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 08

this was the sunniest weather for the day that i managed to snap this afternoon (1.30pm to be exact)..nowadays i can't predict those minute the sun is out,the other minute the rain started to pour.this happened exactly today..for me,when rain came i had to stop all my weekend activities and cuddled in thick blanket in my cozy room is the most un-productive sunday i ever had..yet,i got the most sleep-in :)

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-coworker's wedding..i'm glad i had being invited for lunch and it was the most delicious lunch i ever had for this week..ohh..and the bride is such a beauties!

-medical leave..i was terribly sick on tuesday and had to force myself to rest for the day..flu,fever,cough and headache came at the same time.terrible!

-mister..he's indeed a caring husband.he stayed at home on that sick tuesday to take care of me..bought lunch,brought water to me..i'm the queen of the day

-mc donald's the best!!

-my watch..i never really thought how important my watch to me until it broken down the other day..don't worry,i got it fixed..i'm glad that it still showing me the time.

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

*photo taken at taman jurong neighborhood*