Saturday, November 29, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 06

where is the times go? it's almost the end of november, yet how did this month went off this fast will be a mystery for me.i greeted my coworker "see you next month" before she off work friday and those greeting was the weirdest greeting i ever made.this week had being exhausting week as i have too many to catch up after 4-days holidays in my hometown.good times always come to an end fast!!

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-cute couple iphone's cover that mister and i are using now..i can't stop staring at both of them.they are too cute to resist..especially the little girl with braided hairs

-red velvet cake..who wouldn't like red velvet?(for the hater outside,convince me why I should hate velvet) they are the most delicious cake's creation in the world.and i found my love in coffee bean's cafe

-assignments..currently i'm struggling to meet due date for two assignments and one essay and one presentation ongoing next week.though i hate this busy times, yet i felt fulfilling..crazy!

-rain..too much pouring this week..but i'm lovin' this season of the year.

-pezzo pizza..pezzo opening new outlet in my neighborhood shopping me,pezzo selling the most delicious pizza with affordable price..go grab one if you pass by any stalls

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

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