Saturday, November 22, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 05

home is a place of comfort, peace and heart and soul had flew back home since early of the week,while the body had to rush for the undone works..finally friday came pretty fast and i'm now sitting comfortably in my dining room while my dad is napping and my mum is in upstair

(i didn't manage to upload this post on sunday,i'm too busy chit-chatting with my mum..and i posted this on my journey home to singapore)

for the week,i'm thankful for:

-mas airlines for providing safe flight for mister & me to board,though in the middle of the flight we did faced slightly tough weather

-my's always felt great to meet up with parents & siblings,we talked non-stop and we ate non-stop

-local food,i'm a food lover and i can't stop loving those food that i ate since kid.everytime i was home,my mum will started to buy or cook non-stop food that me and siblings love.not a single diet day in home sweet home

-my canon camera & instax camera..both helped me created so much memories

-healthy mister..he was on fever for the weekend but luckily he recovered after two days rest..sick mister ain't fun at all

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

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