Sunday, November 9, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 03

this week is all about chilling and cuddling with mister.i had being busy for the whole week..rainy mood is on now, most of the time rain came during sleep time.i always believe rain makes everything better..some kind of meditation which make me felt relax..

this week,i'm thankful for:

-dinner at mc donalds, mister and i always love mc donalds so much.we ate and we chatted a bit,always a bonding time.and this week,mc donalds launched a new menu/drinks with a motivation on the cup..time to chill!!

-dessert time is the best! i bought coupon worth $6.60 from groupon which entitled us two bowl of black sesame paste & almond paste

-cuddling time with mister on sunday's morning before breakfast..

-my classmates for helping in school law is a subject that is hard to handle..

-our phantom bike, for bringing us safely to the place that we wish to go.he's mister's best buddy ever

do you have a lists too? let's us be thankful..


Ice Pandora said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time
with such simple yet warm things c:
I avoid Mcdonalds but I sure love
their ice cream and other sweet
range! Xx

Michelle Katherine said...

what a cute list!! Cuddling time is always precious :)

Sartorial Diner said...

Love the thankful list. It's such a great thing to take a moment and be thankful. And dessert time is always the best time in my book! :)

Jasmine Hwang said...

I'm ALWAYS thankful for cuddling time!!! :)