Tuesday, November 11, 2014

plans accomplished..

*image via pinterest*  love this motivation quote

new semester started weeks ago. and i'm returning to my part-time school life.honestly, everything started in the hard ways.i felt miserable on the first few days of schooling, i was tired..i was sleepy..and i can't concentrate much either.

after weeks gone,i started to keep everything in track.i started to feel knowledgeable again.i started to feel energetic again.i'm this lucky as i have mister to support me all the ways.and i remembered that i planned a bit during past school holiday started. and i wish to rewind back on the plan..

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sleep more
yes,i did slept more during holidays..especially on weekend.homework free, stress free, exam free.how cool is that?

explore singapore
done little bit of exploration in the island and even visited batam island too, yes..success!

read novels
failed!! i grabbed a novel "mini shopaholic" by sophie kinsella and i read quarter only for the whole month.i'm truly a slow reader

exercise regularly
mister and i went to gym 3-4 times every weeks..success!!at least,i felt slightly muscular.haha

hang out with mister
yes,both of us hang out together daily..we just love bonding time together.and cuddling too!

out of five plans, i failed one..i need to improve on my reading skills..

any tips for home girl to stick on one novel to the end?

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libys11 said...

good on you for achieving your goals!!! i should start doing this too!

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