Tuesday, November 18, 2014

my favorite perfumes // daisy marc jacobs & gucci envy me

i can't denied i love love love perfumes more than anything..i like my clothes and body to have pleasant scents throughout the day.and actually i enjoyed those compliments from someone nearby saying that i smells great! currently,i'm a proud owner of these two beauties: gucci envy me & daisy marc jacobs
few years back, one of my girlfriend introduced gucci envy me to me and ever since that day onwards,i had fallen in love with "her" and i guess my love will be forever since this is my third bottles.envy me was created in a combination of fruity-floral scents since 2004.whenever i went out with this fragrance,i felt confident and sexy..and it is long-lasting too! don't you agreed with me that the bottle design is perfection? definitely worth to invest a bottle..
my second lover would be daisy from marc jacobs.mister gave me as christmas's present last year and i totally adored it so much.the scent are floral-fresh, feminine and sophisticated..i love the design of the bottle and it always brighten up my morning.

what is your favorite fragrance?


Becky Skidmore said...

I love, love, love Daisy by Marc Jacobs! I've never tried Envy Me before so I'll have to find some and try it!

Sara said...

I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs!! It's so fresh yet feminine enough as well. I need to try out Envy Me though as I've only been able to take a whiff of Gucci's Guilty and didn't quite like it. My go-to everyday perfume is Chloe. You should definitely give it a try :)

Jasmine Hwang said...

I LOVE Daisy! It was my very first fancy perfume that I bought myself :)