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my current skin care routine // black paint

hey girls,

did you facing some skin problems like clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, etc? i'm blessed that i have a great skin with little conditions skin is quite dull, huge pores and some,am i still considering having great skin?i blame stress instead of laziness.

gentle introduction for black paint:

recently i had being introduced to "black paint" (ooppss..not the black color paint that i meant here) black paint is an organic skin care brand established in kyoto 15 years ago by a loving mother named miyuki maeda.the founder had successfully found the formulas to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores by leveraging the power of nature.the skin care are made from organic materials which are blended for more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essentials oils and kishu binchotan charcoal, all known to have powerful beauty effects since ancient times.
all the black paint's products were packed and sealed safely in this cute box.and i'm so grateful to the sample store's team to arrange courier to my office since i was unable to collect from them during working hours.this box worth $260 with black paint's products, they are pretty generous in letting us to try out for at least a month for better results
there were plenty of products in there.firstly, i was quite confused with the steps but since they provided instructions and steps in cd, everything seem pretty easy peasy.
the products available in the box are:
black paint face soap-to remove oil and dirt without stripping away skin's essential moisture and leaving skin feeling fresh and silky smooth
 black konjac sponge-removes blackheads and oil effectively giving skin radiant looks.
best water (aka toner)-nourishes and hydrates skin with 30 minerals that penetrate deeply to restore skin's barrier and prevent moisture results,apply on facial paper mask for better absorption

oil water rose (aka lotion/oil essence)-has dual layers emulsion soothers and softens with vitamins,anti-oxidants and anti-inflammations

water cream (aka moisturizer)-promotes moisture retention and builds resistance to environmental pollutants

how to use it:
soften the soap with warm water and apply directly on entire face. this soap can be used on dry skin or over makeup too as makeup remover..the soap must melt into a paste-like texture for easy spreading.oh and please avoid eyes. massaged lightly and rinse off with water

 soak the sponge completely in water until totally soft,massage your face in circular motion..
use 3 to 5 pumps of best water on the skin for hydration.pat gently for better can apply on a facial paper mask and treat it as mask
shake oil water rose until the color turn whitish..apply 3 to 5 pumps volume onto skin to nourish my pores
take a pearl-size amount of water cream and spread onto skin.the cream will transforms into water droplets upon application to protect the pores.wait till face dries before applying makeup

my reviews: 

my skin felt really fresh and tight after the facial soap.the tightness was due to the size of the pores had being closen up.but during the facial time with the soap might be pretty messy too,as the soap is some sort like sesame paste.if they are able to make them into tube..that's would be great! i superb love the was really gentle on skin and exfoliated my skin well.once best water applied,my skin smoothed up very fast.i, immediately felt the effects of the moisture.this results was quite amazing!! same feelings happened again when i applied oil water rose..the smell was really great! i quite worried that water cream might gave oily effect after application. yet, after 2 hours of application, my skin still felt fresh,supple and moisturized to the max.this is definitely one of my favorite brand to go..

how to get it:

you may click on the link to win some free gifts

or you may buy it at takashimaya basement  level 1, isetan (westgate) basement level 2

black paint offers busy customers to buy online too,official website>>blackpaint
facebook >> here 
twitter @blackpaintsg
instagram @blackpaintsg

*this post is sponsored by Black Paint and all the opinions above are by my own*

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annie lee said...

black paint? that's so unique! but your skin is flawless already!!