Tuesday, November 4, 2014

happy halloween 2014 // clarke quay

every year, mister and i would visited clarke quay as this was the place where all the halloween's atmosphere and spookiest ghosts appeared..last year mister said he would love to wear costumes and join the halloween's event but we ended up the most "normal human beings" in clarke quay. blame the workloads and stress and school! quite disappointing but we still went down to snap some photos with the costumes.we danced little bits when the concert started and before we went off,we bumped into my ex-college mates with his wife.glad that we were able to catch up on each others life after a while.

here's a few photos of our time in spooky night below..

and here's to the cutest & the most creative ever halloween's outfits below..
conversations between mister and i before we went off..

mister : what you wish to wear for halloween?
me: perhaps, sailormoon?
mister : good idea..

after a while..

me: but i would love to be olive, popeye the sailor man's wife
mister: but, i don't have muscle..
me: you will be the popeye without spinach supply
mister: .......


Jasmine Hwang said...

What a fun Halloween night you had!!! Way better than the one we had in which we just stayed in (and were also normal humans)! You two are so so so cute! Love that last conversation!


Ice Pandora said...

Sound like mister and you had a
wonderful Halloween night c: even
not in costumes and such!