Saturday, November 29, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 06

where is the times go? it's almost the end of november, yet how did this month went off this fast will be a mystery for me.i greeted my coworker "see you next month" before she off work friday and those greeting was the weirdest greeting i ever made.this week had being exhausting week as i have too many to catch up after 4-days holidays in my hometown.good times always come to an end fast!!

for the week, i'm thankful for:

-cute couple iphone's cover that mister and i are using now..i can't stop staring at both of them.they are too cute to resist..especially the little girl with braided hairs

-red velvet cake..who wouldn't like red velvet?(for the hater outside,convince me why I should hate velvet) they are the most delicious cake's creation in the world.and i found my love in coffee bean's cafe

-assignments..currently i'm struggling to meet due date for two assignments and one essay and one presentation ongoing next week.though i hate this busy times, yet i felt fulfilling..crazy!

-rain..too much pouring this week..but i'm lovin' this season of the year.

-pezzo pizza..pezzo opening new outlet in my neighborhood shopping me,pezzo selling the most delicious pizza with affordable price..go grab one if you pass by any stalls

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

Thursday, November 27, 2014

happy thanksgiving 2014

*image from google*

despite i did thankful lists weekly,i still felt that i need to post a proper thanksgiving's post for today.

singapore did not celebrate thanksgiving,this ain't a popular celebration here and no much peoples might recognize this holiday i think a lots!! like a lots! i used to feel jealous for my relatives and friends that leaded better life than i do or jealous over simplest things that they owned and i don't / can't afford to buy.i tend to see their happiness side and neglecting my own..and i always felt i have nothing and i like to compare with others..honestly this bad habits leaded me living in miserable life.for quite some times

as i grew older,i witnessed death, deceased and sorrows in this world. i started to wake up from previous mindset and looked at myself deep into mirror..looking at what i owned, looking at peoples around me, looking at peoples who cares me more than i did..and i found out that i'm richer than some peoples in the world..

i have a caring parents..
i have supportive siblings..
i have lovely mister who love me more than i did..
i have a stable job
i have education to increase knowledges
i have funny classmates
i have understanding coworkers
i have rented comfortable space for mister and i to live in
i have money to survive
i have everything..

and i will be grateful for what i have now..

Saturday, November 22, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 05

home is a place of comfort, peace and heart and soul had flew back home since early of the week,while the body had to rush for the undone works..finally friday came pretty fast and i'm now sitting comfortably in my dining room while my dad is napping and my mum is in upstair

(i didn't manage to upload this post on sunday,i'm too busy chit-chatting with my mum..and i posted this on my journey home to singapore)

for the week,i'm thankful for:

-mas airlines for providing safe flight for mister & me to board,though in the middle of the flight we did faced slightly tough weather

-my's always felt great to meet up with parents & siblings,we talked non-stop and we ate non-stop

-local food,i'm a food lover and i can't stop loving those food that i ate since kid.everytime i was home,my mum will started to buy or cook non-stop food that me and siblings love.not a single diet day in home sweet home

-my canon camera & instax camera..both helped me created so much memories

-healthy mister..he was on fever for the weekend but luckily he recovered after two days rest..sick mister ain't fun at all

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

my favorite perfumes // daisy marc jacobs & gucci envy me

i can't denied i love love love perfumes more than anything..i like my clothes and body to have pleasant scents throughout the day.and actually i enjoyed those compliments from someone nearby saying that i smells great! currently,i'm a proud owner of these two beauties: gucci envy me & daisy marc jacobs
few years back, one of my girlfriend introduced gucci envy me to me and ever since that day onwards,i had fallen in love with "her" and i guess my love will be forever since this is my third bottles.envy me was created in a combination of fruity-floral scents since 2004.whenever i went out with this fragrance,i felt confident and sexy..and it is long-lasting too! don't you agreed with me that the bottle design is perfection? definitely worth to invest a bottle..
my second lover would be daisy from marc jacobs.mister gave me as christmas's present last year and i totally adored it so much.the scent are floral-fresh, feminine and sophisticated..i love the design of the bottle and it always brighten up my morning.

what is your favorite fragrance?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 04

*photo taken february 2014*

wedding season is coming..this week mister and i have two invitations to two wedding dinners.sounds cool but both of us were exhausted as both dinner's locations are hundred miles away (different states in malaysia) though,we felt happy that we were able to witness all the happiness and love.

this week,i'm thankful for: represents love,happiness and believe (in my opinion)

-every meals that i had this week..every weeks both of us gave ourself $100 for food,we always ended up with some leftover money end of the week..we planned well how to eat wisely/healthily

-mister..lately, he sang songs to me every night before sleep.though he does not own the dbest vocals,but he made me felt love

-ipad..i'm currently using ipad to post this thankful lists up to the blogging world

-newspaper..singapore's government encourages their peoples to read more..hence,i always can get free newspaper at designated train stations. sometimes free stuffs ain't going to be appreciated much but lucky i got this space to remind me :)

do you have a lists too?let's us be thankful..

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

plans accomplished..

*image via pinterest*  love this motivation quote

new semester started weeks ago. and i'm returning to my part-time school life.honestly, everything started in the hard ways.i felt miserable on the first few days of schooling, i was tired..i was sleepy..and i can't concentrate much either.

after weeks gone,i started to keep everything in track.i started to feel knowledgeable again.i started to feel energetic again.i'm this lucky as i have mister to support me all the ways.and i remembered that i planned a bit during past school holiday started. and i wish to rewind back on the plan..

previous post>>here

sleep more
yes,i did slept more during holidays..especially on weekend.homework free, stress free, exam cool is that?

explore singapore
done little bit of exploration in the island and even visited batam island too, yes..success!

read novels
failed!! i grabbed a novel "mini shopaholic" by sophie kinsella and i read quarter only for the whole month.i'm truly a slow reader

exercise regularly
mister and i went to gym 3-4 times every weeks..success!!at least,i felt slightly muscular.haha

hang out with mister
yes,both of us hang out together daily..we just love bonding time together.and cuddling too!

out of five plans, i failed one..i need to improve on my reading skills..

any tips for home girl to stick on one novel to the end?

my favorite hand cream // l'occitance shea butter hand cream

l'occitance shea butter hand cream is my favorite hand cream in the earth!! since this is my fav, i would love to share their goodness to everyone who reading my blog.(this is not a sponsor post)
according to the introductions, this is one of the best-selling shea butter hand cream every three seconds in the world.enriched with 20% shea butter, this hand cream is super creamy penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. honey,almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with shea butter to create this extremely effective care.the rich texture is rapidly absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily traces.
l'occitance is a brand that always touches my heart deeply with their superb awesome products.i had seeing some girlfriends introduced  this hand cream to me even before i bought one.since i worked in air-conditioning room, my skin and hands always felt dry.finally i decided to invest one of this hand cream. i used it once in a while, and i started to fall in love with this hand cream. it is thick, buttery and moisturized my hands a lots!! i always looked for it whenever i had extremely dry conditions,it is like 911 emergency hand cream to nurse my "old aunty's hands"

the smell...just perfect and light! i'm a girl who don't like my cream with strong smell..oh, and do you noticed it's packaging? i'm absolutely adored the metal silver tube a lots!! it is made in perfect size and superb convenience for traveling. and it is made in france.  
the selling price is S$44/150ml..or you can grab from airport during traveling session like i did for only S$35.40 (duty-free)

what is your favorite hand cream?please share with me..
and my next investment..foot cream :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 03

this week is all about chilling and cuddling with mister.i had being busy for the whole week..rainy mood is on now, most of the time rain came during sleep time.i always believe rain makes everything better..some kind of meditation which make me felt relax..

this week,i'm thankful for:

-dinner at mc donalds, mister and i always love mc donalds so much.we ate and we chatted a bit,always a bonding time.and this week,mc donalds launched a new menu/drinks with a motivation on the cup..time to chill!!

-dessert time is the best! i bought coupon worth $6.60 from groupon which entitled us two bowl of black sesame paste & almond paste

-cuddling time with mister on sunday's morning before breakfast..

-my classmates for helping in school law is a subject that is hard to handle..

-our phantom bike, for bringing us safely to the place that we wish to go.he's mister's best buddy ever

do you have a lists too? let's us be thankful..

Saturday, November 8, 2014

my current skin care routine // black paint

hey girls,

did you facing some skin problems like clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, etc? i'm blessed that i have a great skin with little conditions skin is quite dull, huge pores and some,am i still considering having great skin?i blame stress instead of laziness.

gentle introduction for black paint:

recently i had being introduced to "black paint" (ooppss..not the black color paint that i meant here) black paint is an organic skin care brand established in kyoto 15 years ago by a loving mother named miyuki maeda.the founder had successfully found the formulas to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores by leveraging the power of nature.the skin care are made from organic materials which are blended for more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essentials oils and kishu binchotan charcoal, all known to have powerful beauty effects since ancient times.
all the black paint's products were packed and sealed safely in this cute box.and i'm so grateful to the sample store's team to arrange courier to my office since i was unable to collect from them during working hours.this box worth $260 with black paint's products, they are pretty generous in letting us to try out for at least a month for better results
there were plenty of products in there.firstly, i was quite confused with the steps but since they provided instructions and steps in cd, everything seem pretty easy peasy.
the products available in the box are:
black paint face soap-to remove oil and dirt without stripping away skin's essential moisture and leaving skin feeling fresh and silky smooth
 black konjac sponge-removes blackheads and oil effectively giving skin radiant looks.
best water (aka toner)-nourishes and hydrates skin with 30 minerals that penetrate deeply to restore skin's barrier and prevent moisture results,apply on facial paper mask for better absorption

oil water rose (aka lotion/oil essence)-has dual layers emulsion soothers and softens with vitamins,anti-oxidants and anti-inflammations

water cream (aka moisturizer)-promotes moisture retention and builds resistance to environmental pollutants

how to use it:
soften the soap with warm water and apply directly on entire face. this soap can be used on dry skin or over makeup too as makeup remover..the soap must melt into a paste-like texture for easy spreading.oh and please avoid eyes. massaged lightly and rinse off with water

 soak the sponge completely in water until totally soft,massage your face in circular motion..
use 3 to 5 pumps of best water on the skin for hydration.pat gently for better can apply on a facial paper mask and treat it as mask
shake oil water rose until the color turn whitish..apply 3 to 5 pumps volume onto skin to nourish my pores
take a pearl-size amount of water cream and spread onto skin.the cream will transforms into water droplets upon application to protect the pores.wait till face dries before applying makeup

my reviews: 

my skin felt really fresh and tight after the facial soap.the tightness was due to the size of the pores had being closen up.but during the facial time with the soap might be pretty messy too,as the soap is some sort like sesame paste.if they are able to make them into tube..that's would be great! i superb love the was really gentle on skin and exfoliated my skin well.once best water applied,my skin smoothed up very fast.i, immediately felt the effects of the moisture.this results was quite amazing!! same feelings happened again when i applied oil water rose..the smell was really great! i quite worried that water cream might gave oily effect after application. yet, after 2 hours of application, my skin still felt fresh,supple and moisturized to the max.this is definitely one of my favorite brand to go..

how to get it:

you may click on the link to win some free gifts

or you may buy it at takashimaya basement  level 1, isetan (westgate) basement level 2

black paint offers busy customers to buy online too,official website>>blackpaint
facebook >> here 
twitter @blackpaintsg
instagram @blackpaintsg

*this post is sponsored by Black Paint and all the opinions above are by my own*

Thursday, November 6, 2014

daily style: comfort is a new style

an outfit post once in a while felt great!! though i ain't fashionista

few weekends ago,i went to re-contract my phone plan and decided to grab iphone 6 with the package offered. if you're singaporean or have some relatives/friends here, you might heard of "singaporean is good in queuing"..any places,any time,any where..queue is long.i got my number ticket and i had to wait for 5 hours before my turn..i guess i'm "queuing master" too. and before i was out from my room,i knew i had to be comfortable.maxi dress is the only piece in my wardrobe that i felt great and comfy in.

and if you don't mind,here's a few photos taken with my iphone 5..

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

happy halloween 2014 // clarke quay

every year, mister and i would visited clarke quay as this was the place where all the halloween's atmosphere and spookiest ghosts appeared..last year mister said he would love to wear costumes and join the halloween's event but we ended up the most "normal human beings" in clarke quay. blame the workloads and stress and school! quite disappointing but we still went down to snap some photos with the costumes.we danced little bits when the concert started and before we went off,we bumped into my ex-college mates with his wife.glad that we were able to catch up on each others life after a while.

here's a few photos of our time in spooky night below..

and here's to the cutest & the most creative ever halloween's outfits below..
conversations between mister and i before we went off..

mister : what you wish to wear for halloween?
me: perhaps, sailormoon?
mister : good idea..

after a while..

me: but i would love to be olive, popeye the sailor man's wife
mister: but, i don't have muscle..
me: you will be the popeye without spinach supply
mister: .......