Monday, October 27, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 01

sometimes, my heart is full of gratitude and thankfulness due to little matters or small mercies..but i always took them for granted and tends to demolish them from memory after a while. i guess some peoples facing the same problems like i did?

one afternoon, i realized that i had to jot down all the notes and things that made me felt thankful, and why not,i blog them weekly?i'm pretty proud of myself now for this idea though i knew some bloggers did thankful posts for years now. better do it now than later,right..

i'm thankful for:

- vegan first time trying out with mister and it was amazing experience! post to come..

- new semester of classmates are very helpful with each others and we plan to pass every semester together

- my canon 600d..with it,good photos had being snapped

- ya kun kaya toast cafe my favorite, their kaya french toast set with tea, upsize the tea please.
 (i'm drooling now!)

- public holiday in the middle of the week..i felt extra rejuvenated with a day off

do you have a lists too? let's us be thankful..


Audrey Lin said...

I'm thankful for all the people I've met during my freshman year of college so far. They really make all the college traditions so special for me and my whole class. Last night we had Lantern Night, which is one of our traditions, and as we were entering the procession, someone was telling us "welcome home!" and that made me tear up just a little bit :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Josephine Choo said...

Hi Audrey,

thanks for commenting here.i would love to read your thankful notes made me missing my college too :)