Thursday, October 9, 2014

over the weekend

most days in october, november & december are the best days for wedding. my invitation lists have being going on till november. most of them are mister's friends..and since they did spent their time to our wedding, it is time for us to payback and wishes them on their wedding too.

last weekend,i took aeroline coach to kuala journey to kl was terrible and monday was public holiday, everyone got long weekend. long weekend is always for mini-vacations or trips to somewhere. immigration custom jammed with vehicles and coaches..instead of 5 hours journey,i had to spend extra 3 hours in i have travel sickness since kid, this hours were totally suffering moments. dizziness,nausea and fatigue have surrounded me minutes by minutes.
beside attending dinner, i had bonding time with my sister (her nickname is baby) baby and i spent quality time doing shopping and eating and chit-chatting together. we haven't done this for ages,but i really appreciated what both of us did past weekend. she talked a lot about her experience as a new educator in her school, how her students trying to make some funny moves to attract her, what she did to punish all the naughty monkeys. the conversation was fun and full of laughter.
finally,on that weekend i realized that i didn't spend much time talking to my siblings.and as an eldest sister in family, i should be more proactive to call them and spend some time listening to them. all of them..

here's to thursday, girls! hope you had a great weekend too!

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