Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i blame menstrual period..

there were always a few days every months in my life feeling miserable and terrible mood swings before menstrual period began..and this month was no different..but this round those in-balance hormones hit me pretty hard..

i went for a weekend getaway to batam island last weekend (will be in another post),we traveled across the singapore straits by ferry which took us 45 minutes to arrive.as i have seasick since kid,i went for window-seating..i believe scenery through the small window will distracted me from nausea.and it really work! magically!! and ended up my brain thinking too much..

the view of the sea was amazingly beautiful..the wave was not fierce,hitting the ferry gently and this definitely helping me from vomiting.the sea without boundaries is freedom..freedom is the only need that i want now..perhaps,working life had dreaded me too long.

if there is u-turn,i will choose to return to my "toddler stage" i don't want to grow up.growing up is too hard to handle..too much stress,too much pressure,too much responsibilities.

i was curious about life under the sea..how the sea creatures survive?is mermaid exist?if yes,how is she look like?too much questions popping out in my mind..and i can't stop thinking.

all these thoughts still appearing fresh in my minds until now..

i blame menstrual period..

i'm blessed for my life now..i felt gratitude for what i owned now.

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