Tuesday, October 28, 2014

conquering the burger's world // vegan burg @ the grandstand

ever since i saw an article about 12 best burgers in singapore, i was obsessed with burgers..amongst the twelve suggested restaurants, my first choice is vegan burg..

i'm a picky-eater..i choose to eat what i like to eat.i don't eat pork/bacon, eating little bits of chicken breast (too much..i will puke), little bit of fish and a lot of veges. my friends called me weirdo,my mister is happy with me as all the meat belongs to him. in short, i'm semi-vegetarian.
one saturday's night, mister and i rode our bike and explored the burger's world.both of us were pretty excited to do this discovery together.we choose the branch in "the grandstand" which is a place that we never heard of, but lucky enough we got gps to bring us there.

lucky us, as the restaurant was quite empty that time..we were free to choose where we wanted to sit. the waitress was friendly enough that she recommended us to try creamy shrooms and hawaiian teriyaki as both are the best seller in restaurant. we made them a value meal served with broccoli and french fries with chillers.and for the price, of course it was slightly little bit pricey compared to other fast food restaurant,but hey..this is vegetarian food..they deserves this price

creamy shrooms filled with breadcrumb soy patty and topped with grilled button mushrooms and home-made sauce.the soy patty is crispy and thick..

hawaiian teriyaki filled with pineapple slice and soy patty coated with teriyaki sauce.the patty is slightly thinner than creamy shrooms but i love the tenderness of it..definitely one of my favorite!and most importantly, vegan burg served buns and patties that are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)..

oh,and my mister fall in love with their harley davidson..i can't believe the owner bought such an expensive bike and placed it as a decoration! mister aiming for this as his new target..

here's a few photos of our time in vegan burg below..


our visiting outlet:

the grandstand (formerly turf city)
200 turf club road #01-32
singapore 287994
mon – fri: 11:30am – 9:30pm  (last order 9pm)
saturday, sunday, and PH: 10:30am – 10:00pm  (last order 9:45pm)
phone: 6462 1281
fax: 6465 5218


his little lady said...

I love that vegan virginity poster, too funny! This all looks like so much fun!
xo TJ


Jasmine Hwang said...

Those burgers look so good! I'm pretty picky too! I hate bacon too! You guys are adorable!