Sunday, October 26, 2014

batam island // part 2

on second day of batam's trip, i woke up earlier than expected. we slept in pretty late the night before as we played some cards, watched little bit of movie and drank beers. perhaps, i can't get used to the batam's time as there was one hour gap in between local and singapore's time.

we spent our morning wandering around the chalet as the surrounding was breath-taking!it's been long time since i woke up seeing coconut trees and morning fresh air.after breakfast, we walked around while snapping lot of beautiful photos.

nongsa point marina & resort is totally traveler-friendly.they even have a yacht dock for yacht's owner to park their boats here..but of course,we were restricted from entering..but with a few "jumping poses" did satisfied me!

at one moment, i stood alone at a corner to just relaxed and calmed my mind a little bits..with a breeze of light winds blowing through my face, i felt slightly peaceful and all the uncertainty did gone. sometimes, small/short getaways helped in reconstruction of thinking (slightly exaggerating but it's true)

before we took off,my colleague asked "will you come again in future"..
my answer is "yes,i will"
i would love to come back again..

batam island, see you soon!

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