Saturday, October 25, 2014

batam island // part 1

ever since i landed myself in singapore since past 6 years ago, batam island is in my place-to-visit-lists. mister never get any interest in visiting this island as he heard too many rumors from his buddies that this is a boring place. for me,i won't believe any comments until i experienced it my own. finally, my colleagues suggested to go batam island as a farewell trip for one of the resigned male's colleague.

all we needed to do was went to to book for batam's packages (which include tour guide,town visits, accommodation stays and 2-ways ferry)..we bought to stay in nongsa point marina and resort

batam island is located at the south of the singapore, which we can go anytime by ferry. my only doubt i able to survive 45 minutes traveling in ferry? i have travel sickness, which included seasick (terrible,i knew)..i made it to batam without any dizziness or nauseousness.
since we only stayed for 2 days 1 night, our itinerary schedule was jam-packed,thanks to our tourguide Desy..though most of the places were near to each others. we visited chocolate house upon arrival. the chocolates were all locally-made (except the packaging are from malaysia) and most of them had testing sample. my favorite are almond coffee chocolate and tiramisu white chocolate.
we also went to local temple, polo outlet, bengkong dry market, indonesia miniature park, cultural show, have lunch at restaurant golden prawn 933,batik factory outlet and layer cake factory..

i bought a lot of snacks from dry market..they sell locally-made chilli sauce too! the sales assistant gave sample for customers to try their chillies..let's me warn you..if you can't eat spicy food like me,please don't try the green chillies.the spiciness almost burnt my lips away!!

food in restaurant golden prawn 933 was average only. too much tourists, the quality did decreased..there was a lot of leftover especially the crab.. most people said polo outlet sell original polo shirt in lower price compared to singapore, yes it is true..but i didn't buy anything as the price gap was not much different.

desy brought us to massage centre too!! i added on aroma therapy for the massage package, the whole session was quite relaxing! i even tipped the lady rp20000!! which was $2.. haha,cheap!

our resort was far from the city, we had to stop at batam city square to get our dinner packed before returning to chalet..we also went to local supermarket and found out that a lot of things were selling in much cheaper price. my colleage, alex grabbed plenty of cornflakes as he claimed the price was 50% cheaper!! crazy!!
the touring day in batam's city was pretty fun and i did learn a lot from desy..she's a pretty talkative lady. it was good actually as she told us lot of histories and stories of batam.

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