Tuesday, October 28, 2014

conquering the burger's world // vegan burg @ the grandstand

ever since i saw an article about 12 best burgers in singapore, i was obsessed with burgers..amongst the twelve suggested restaurants, my first choice is vegan burg..

i'm a picky-eater..i choose to eat what i like to eat.i don't eat pork/bacon, eating little bits of chicken breast (too much..i will puke), little bit of fish and a lot of veges. my friends called me weirdo,my mister is happy with me as all the meat belongs to him. in short, i'm semi-vegetarian.
one saturday's night, mister and i rode our bike and explored the burger's world.both of us were pretty excited to do this discovery together.we choose the branch in "the grandstand" which is a place that we never heard of, but lucky enough we got gps to bring us there.

lucky us, as the restaurant was quite empty that time..we were free to choose where we wanted to sit. the waitress was friendly enough that she recommended us to try creamy shrooms and hawaiian teriyaki as both are the best seller in restaurant. we made them a value meal served with broccoli and french fries with chillers.and for the price, of course it was slightly little bit pricey compared to other fast food restaurant,but hey..this is vegetarian food..they deserves this price

creamy shrooms filled with breadcrumb soy patty and topped with grilled button mushrooms and home-made sauce.the soy patty is crispy and thick..

hawaiian teriyaki filled with pineapple slice and soy patty coated with teriyaki sauce.the patty is slightly thinner than creamy shrooms but i love the tenderness of it..definitely one of my favorite!and most importantly, vegan burg served buns and patties that are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)..

oh,and my mister fall in love with their harley davidson..i can't believe the owner bought such an expensive bike and placed it as a decoration! mister aiming for this as his new target..

here's a few photos of our time in vegan burg below..


our visiting outlet:

the grandstand (formerly turf city)
200 turf club road #01-32
singapore 287994
mon – fri: 11:30am – 9:30pm  (last order 9pm)
saturday, sunday, and PH: 10:30am – 10:00pm  (last order 9:45pm)
phone: 6462 1281
fax: 6465 5218

Monday, October 27, 2014

thankful lists for the week // 01

sometimes, my heart is full of gratitude and thankfulness due to little matters or small mercies..but i always took them for granted and tends to demolish them from memory after a while. i guess some peoples facing the same problems like i did?

one afternoon, i realized that i had to jot down all the notes and things that made me felt thankful, and why not,i blog them weekly?i'm pretty proud of myself now for this idea though i knew some bloggers did thankful posts for years now. better do it now than later,right..

i'm thankful for:

- vegan burg..my first time trying out with mister and it was amazing experience! post to come..

- new semester of school..my classmates are very helpful with each others and we plan to pass every semester together

- my canon 600d..with it,good photos had being snapped

- ya kun kaya toast cafe my favorite, their kaya french toast set with tea, upsize the tea please.
 (i'm drooling now!)

- public holiday in the middle of the week..i felt extra rejuvenated with a day off

do you have a lists too? let's us be thankful..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

batam island // part 2

on second day of batam's trip, i woke up earlier than expected. we slept in pretty late the night before as we played some cards, watched little bit of movie and drank beers. perhaps, i can't get used to the batam's time as there was one hour gap in between local and singapore's time.

we spent our morning wandering around the chalet as the surrounding was breath-taking!it's been long time since i woke up seeing coconut trees and morning fresh air.after breakfast, we walked around while snapping lot of beautiful photos.

nongsa point marina & resort is totally traveler-friendly.they even have a yacht dock for yacht's owner to park their boats here..but of course,we were restricted from entering..but with a few "jumping poses" did satisfied me!

at one moment, i stood alone at a corner to just relaxed and calmed my mind a little bits..with a breeze of light winds blowing through my face, i felt slightly peaceful and all the uncertainty did gone. sometimes, small/short getaways helped in reconstruction of thinking (slightly exaggerating but it's true)

before we took off,my colleague asked "will you come again in future"..
my answer is "yes,i will"
i would love to come back again..

batam island, see you soon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

batam island // part 1

ever since i landed myself in singapore since past 6 years ago, batam island is in my place-to-visit-lists. mister never get any interest in visiting this island as he heard too many rumors from his buddies that this is a boring place. for me,i won't believe any comments until i experienced it my own. finally, my colleagues suggested to go batam island as a farewell trip for one of the resigned male's colleague.

all we needed to do was went to deals.com.sg to book for batam's packages (which include tour guide,town visits, accommodation stays and 2-ways ferry)..we bought to stay in nongsa point marina and resort

batam island is located at the south of the singapore, which we can go anytime by ferry. my only doubt was..am i able to survive 45 minutes traveling in ferry? i have travel sickness, which included seasick (terrible,i knew)..i made it to batam without any dizziness or nauseousness.
since we only stayed for 2 days 1 night, our itinerary schedule was jam-packed,thanks to our tourguide Desy..though most of the places were near to each others. we visited chocolate house upon arrival. the chocolates were all locally-made (except the packaging are from malaysia) and most of them had testing sample. my favorite are almond coffee chocolate and tiramisu white chocolate.
we also went to local temple, polo outlet, bengkong dry market, indonesia miniature park, cultural show, have lunch at restaurant golden prawn 933,batik factory outlet and layer cake factory..

i bought a lot of snacks from dry market..they sell locally-made chilli sauce too! the sales assistant gave sample for customers to try their chillies..let's me warn you..if you can't eat spicy food like me,please don't try the green chillies.the spiciness almost burnt my lips away!!

food in restaurant golden prawn 933 was average only. too much tourists, the quality did decreased..there was a lot of leftover especially the crab.. most people said polo outlet sell original polo shirt in lower price compared to singapore, yes it is true..but i didn't buy anything as the price gap was not much different.

desy brought us to massage centre too!! i added on aroma therapy for the massage package, the whole session was quite relaxing! i even tipped the lady rp20000!! which was $2.. haha,cheap!

our resort was far from the city, we had to stop at batam city square to get our dinner packed before returning to chalet..we also went to local supermarket and found out that a lot of things were selling in much cheaper price. my colleage, alex grabbed plenty of cornflakes as he claimed the price was 50% cheaper!! crazy!!
the touring day in batam's city was pretty fun and i did learn a lot from desy..she's a pretty talkative lady. it was good actually as she told us lot of histories and stories of batam.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i blame menstrual period..

there were always a few days every months in my life feeling miserable and terrible mood swings before menstrual period began..and this month was no different..but this round those in-balance hormones hit me pretty hard..

i went for a weekend getaway to batam island last weekend (will be in another post),we traveled across the singapore straits by ferry which took us 45 minutes to arrive.as i have seasick since kid,i went for window-seating..i believe scenery through the small window will distracted me from nausea.and it really work! magically!! and ended up my brain thinking too much..

the view of the sea was amazingly beautiful..the wave was not fierce,hitting the ferry gently and this definitely helping me from vomiting.the sea without boundaries is freedom..freedom is the only need that i want now..perhaps,working life had dreaded me too long.

if there is u-turn,i will choose to return to my "toddler stage" i don't want to grow up.growing up is too hard to handle..too much stress,too much pressure,too much responsibilities.

i was curious about life under the sea..how the sea creatures survive?is mermaid exist?if yes,how is she look like?too much questions popping out in my mind..and i can't stop thinking.

all these thoughts still appearing fresh in my minds until now..

i blame menstrual period..

i'm blessed for my life now..i felt gratitude for what i owned now.

Monday, October 13, 2014

nivea: whitening happy shave anti-perspirant

hello beauties,

every women in this world longs for hairless,flawless underarms and can raise their arms confidently.

i'm quite a lucky girl as i don't have thick armpit hair, thanks to my mum's genes.for me, i prefer shaving. the only thing i need for shaving is razor and shaving cream (mess-free..bonus!) and shaving is painless! (double bonus!)

but...home girl got a problem here.shaving darken my underarms.razor blades can graze my skin and cause darkening. i had noticed my underarms slightly darken within this few years..and i was kind of worry that i won't have any chances to wear sleeveless blouse/shirt.and i will never raise up my arms anymore..

recently i had being given a chance to try out nivea whitening happy shave..
gentle introduction for whitening happy shave:

there are 5 top benefits:
-whiten and smooth skin
-repair damaged cells
-reduce skin irritation from shaving
-support skin regeneration
-provide 48 hours protection against body odour and sweat
how to use:

shake well before use.
hold can 15cm from the underarm and spray. allow product to dry completely
my reviews:

honestly i felt quite scared to use it as i never use any deodorant before.but after several used, i started to get really confident in nivea. for whitening effect,i still can't felt much different as only few used. and i sweated a lots recently due to heat nowadays, but my underarms always felt dried.i even tried to smell my armpit after lunch (i sweated too much as i walked back to office during lunch hour) and amazingly i still can smell some floral-fruity smell..instead of offensive smell..haha..now i can raise my arms confidently during night class whenever i face difficult questions!

how to get it:

sold in all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers for only $9.10 (150ml spray) and there's also a 50ml Roll-on deodorant only for $4.90!

 how to win it:

you can redeem FREE sample from SampleStore.com >> here 
to receive the brochure in order to participate in the instagram contest

take a selfie with your "stamp of approval" and review on what personal situation that you can raise your arms with confidence after using nivea happy shave. and remember hashtag #niveasg #niveadeosg #happyshave and win grand prize shopping voucher worth $400!!!

*this post is sponsored by Nivea and all the opinions above are by my own*

Thursday, October 9, 2014

over the weekend

most days in october, november & december are the best days for wedding. my invitation lists have being going on till november. most of them are mister's friends..and since they did spent their time to our wedding, it is time for us to payback and wishes them on their wedding too.

last weekend,i took aeroline coach to kuala lumpur.my journey to kl was terrible and miserable.as monday was public holiday, everyone got long weekend. long weekend is always for mini-vacations or trips to somewhere. immigration custom jammed with vehicles and coaches..instead of 5 hours journey,i had to spend extra 3 hours in coach.as i have travel sickness since kid, this hours were totally suffering moments. dizziness,nausea and fatigue have surrounded me minutes by minutes.
beside attending dinner, i had bonding time with my sister (her nickname is baby) baby and i spent quality time doing shopping and eating and chit-chatting together. we haven't done this for ages,but i really appreciated what both of us did past weekend. she talked a lot about her experience as a new educator in her school, how her students trying to make some funny moves to attract her, what she did to punish all the naughty monkeys. the conversation was fun and full of laughter.
finally,on that weekend i realized that i didn't spend much time talking to my siblings.and as an eldest sister in family, i should be more proactive to call them and spend some time listening to them. all of them..

here's to thursday, girls! hope you had a great weekend too!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

happy october!

happy october!

i'm feeling excited for october to arrive..this month my schedules are pack with traveling.i always love traveling but when traveling every weekend had being scheduled, i felt emotionally tired.haha..

i will be going to kuala lumpur for two weekends and visiting batam island for the first time on my third weekend. i guess i will utilise my final weekend with cuddling with mister and lying on bed whole day? we will see..

meanwhile, have a beautiful weekend and i'm going to spend my days in kuala lumpur. yeah!