Sunday, September 21, 2014

nivea: body intensive moisture serum

body lotion? checked!
hand lotion? checked!
face moisturizer? checked!
face serum? checked!
body serum? ????????
thanks to sample store for sending nivea body serum for me to review. honestly this is my first time ever using body serum..before this,i don't even know this exist? frog in a well..i'm glad that i was given this chance to try out body serum. i can't denied that i have dry skin as i stay in air-conditioning room for more than 12 hours daily.i'm quite a lazy bug, i don't use body lotions..and to prevent skin de-hydrated, i have to drink lot of water to recover back. unfortunately, water is not my favorite too.and recently i had slightly became hardworking as i saw some results here.. :) roll down to read more.
some gentle introduction for nivea body intensive moisture serum:

nivea body intensive moisture serum spf 25 pa++ comes with an extra light and non-sticky serum formula to allow for quick absorption into the skin.with mostly nature inspired ingredients, the formula is gentle and does not result in thinning of skin.within 24 hours from application, the 8 signs of dry and damaged skin become less apparent.with the inclusion of the new ingredients-vitamin E, grape seed oil and avocado oil ,the improved formula is better equipped to provide long-lasting & intensive care for dry to very dry skin.
my reviews:

as i mentioned above,i did saw some improvements in just one application.i applied some serum on my right thigh..i did felt that the serum absorbed quite fast into my skin. the i love the relaxing scent too!
after a while,i touched my skin again to feel the actual different. i felt that my skin more moisturized and smoother.i can't believe what i saw actually, and i quickly asked mister and examined once again. he agreed too,that my skin after serum was more moisturized and revive!
and this was the clearer view on my left and right right thigh definitely felt more hydrated & rejuvenate than left one. miracle did happened sometimes :)
how to get it:

available in 3 sizes – 75ml ($2.00), 250ml ($6.90) and 400ml ($9.90), nivea body intensive moisture serum are retailing at all major pharmacies and supermarkets since september 2012

how to WIN it or get it FREE:

you may redeem free sample of nivea body intensive moisture serum on to receive the A5 brochure with the magnifying glass cut-out in order to participate in the instagram contest

win $200 shopping vouchers and nivea hampers worth $100!! 2 winners will be handpicked by sample store editors,Holly Jean & Trixy.

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*this post is sponsored by Nivea and all the opinions above are by my own*


Ice Pandora said...

Why don't we have this in my
country?! It sounds amazing
after hearing your review
about it c: Xx

Josephine Choo said...

ice pandora: surprisingly!! this body serum had being in market since 2012..maybe this serum will reach your country soon :)

Julia Paige said...

this stuff sounds amazing!! great review :)