Monday, September 8, 2014

happy lantern festival

 hi girls,

today is fifteen day of eighth month in chinese calendar which mean today is lantern day / mid-autumn day. and today is full-moon day!! this day is consider as important chinese faimilies will gather and have dinner together, and eating moon cakes together. for kids, this day is a day for them to play with their cute lanterns.

as for mister and i..we did nothing special. both of us hit the gym hard today and went for indian food.
we rode home after that and saw bunches of kids running and playing around at the nearby playground..happily..and freely. both of us decided to check out for full moon and we found it somewhere hiding above a tall tree.

it is a beautiful moon..slightly covered with thin cloud which caused the light faded a little..but i'm still glad that my iphone did great job in snapping the photos.
happy lantern festival!!

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