Monday, September 1, 2014

happy first september & happy school holiday

*instagram: joselovincolors* discovered this beauty sunset hiding behind those building,it was such a pretty moments after hectic working days

hey girls,

happy first september!!

happy school holiday!!

school holiday had started last week thursday (after final exam on wednesday)..and i had finished one out of five semester!! for a working adult like me,school holiday is such a precious moment. i'm not complaining, but whenever there were classes scheduled..i don't have much time left for my own, sometimes i felt quite pathetic about this too..

on this school holiday (beside working hours) i plan for something else..

sleep more
school projects & assignments are such an important homework to me. as a part-time student, part of my final marks are depend on the "them"..either passing with flying colors or fail terribly. sometimes, i may need to squeeze little bit of my brain juices to get good reports. all of this had lead to lack of good sleep or bad dreams..for this holiday, i will grab all the chances to sleep more

explore singapore
though lotsa peoples may thought that singapore is a very small country (and i agreed this too) but..singapore has a lot of beautiful places, waiting for me to explore and get more photos..

read novels
i love books! i love story books! i love novels so much! most of my books were from local book fairs..with very cheap bargains. but i took so long time to finish even a books. i plan to use this holiday to read my novels..hopefully i can share the storyline in my future posts

exercise regularly
mister and i are member in fitness first. we have the priority to go to gym anytime we want.sometimes, i just got too tired and may skip gym, no more reasons for this holiday!

hang out with mister
though we stay together, but we only met each others after work..and both of us have little time to chit-chat about our days..i believe strong relationship is build through quantity and quality.

hopefully this one and half month will goes by slowly..just enough for me to enjoy!

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his little lady said...

Yay to a new season and new month! I definitely want to read more going into the Fall season ;)
xo TJ