Friday, September 19, 2014

5 ways to motivate myself to exercise

*photo from July 2013 in east coast park*

since school holidays started weeks ago,i have a few hours to kill before bedtime.i made my own targets (i did a post,actually) to visit gym and there is no more reasons not to go.. i'm that good in making resolutions. every morning i packed my sport bra,socks and extra clothes with full of motivation, but every bits of the motivation went off whenever 6pm reached. i felt tired, exhausted and i miss my bed so much..i prefer to go home early and spent my night with hong kong dramas.

finally, those stubborn periods went off and i felt motivated to go gym daily.and gladly i found few ways to keep myself excited about exercising and i would definitely love to post it.i'm not a professional but this few ways did got me motivated.

set my own targets
i knew setting targets is easy, yet difficult to be fulfill. lot of people are not dare to set targets as they knew they might unable to follow their own targets. i would said that i'm quite brave in setting my own targets..mister and i agreed that we should be visiting gym at least 4 times per week, more than 1 hour spent each time far we did great!! and i felt healthier now..

find a gym partner 
aka my mister. mister is my couch and trainer. he had his own session with professional trainer, and he trained me once he learn something new the next day. my "trainer" will guide and motivate me whenever i felt lost or tired. with just a few extra positive comments, i felt determine to do more.. and our relationship have gained stronger than before..we have more topics to chat around. win win situation,right?

give some time to check my own body through mirror
i knew..this sound superb weird, but is true. before i changed clothes on, i will stand still in front of mirror at least 1 minute to carefully  examine which part should improve and which area i feel confident with. i always felt i should do more core exercises to build abs, my "trainer" always requesting me to do plank..plank is the best exercise to build abs and balancing.

buy a size smaller cloth 
i may not advice to do this whenever you shop, but at least buy one of your favorite piece of dress in a size smaller. sound wasting money as you may not be able to wear it, but this is motivating.whenever i open up my closet, i will always saw my favorite dress looking at me desperately. the dress had gave me such a huge motivation to go gym and exercise harder.

rewards myself after exercising
rewards can be small and cheap items..a glass of fruit juice, a bowl of salads or a bottle of nail is up to you.

exercise can be fun too!

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