Saturday, August 23, 2014

yesterday night i was bloated with snow crabs

yesterday night i was bloated..

full of snow crabs..

i ate too much during buffet dinner session with my colleagues.

but the dinner was fun and merry.once i entered the corporate world,i have a sense that i have lesser friends compared to high school moments.sometimes my phone not even ringing for a day or two except my family and the mister called/whatapps. and i don't even get any tag from anyone for the ice challenge bucket too..(i don't wish to be tag too)..i don't mind to donate
i believe that co-workers can be best friends too (am i right?) we spent more than 8 hours together daily for 5.5 days every week..we faces each others, attending discussions & meetings together, sometimes may face difficulties & problems and may caused misunderstands..but everything will be over once we clocked out at 6pm.

yesterday was farewell dinner for elise. she's the ony girl in office who came from same hometown as i did, and she's the only one that i can communicate through our native language (while others can't understand what we talk about). yes, and she resigns for better future.i'm going to miss her..terribly.

good luck girl.


Ice Pandora said...

Glad you had a nice buffet ;P
I tend to overscoop too much
food as well with buffets...
The food looks great btw!

Marlen said...

I definitely think coworkers could make excellent frineds! it's nice you all went out and ate all that yummy food together :)

xo marlen
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