Saturday, August 9, 2014

workstation tour

i was hoping to do this post months ago,but works and school had made me gone superb crazy.sorry for the delays..i managed to snap some photos of my workplace the other days when i stayed late to wait my man finished his undone works.
i always thought that i should decorated my workplace to a more fun and colorful place as i stayed at this area for more than 8 hours daily (except weekends though). works can be superb stressed on daily basis,sometimes some issues can made me unbreathable. so,colorful theme had my mind now..and sorry for the documents stackup.
i had a group of hello kitty collections.i got it during promotion in mcdonalds.i really adore hello kitty,though some may thought that they are ugly.they made me felt peaceful and happy mood.
love my desktop background? i got it from someone blog..and i can't even remembered which blog.this girl had superb great skill in photography.and the desktop background made me smile everytime i looked at them.
my ex-colleague donated her smurfs to me before her last day in this company.i made them standing on the divider :)
whenever my colleagues went for vacations,they always brought back key are a bunches of key chains from different part of world

i got this miniature hello kitty few weeks colleagues went to batam and bought it as souvenirs for me.everyone knew i love hello kitty.
on my right, this are all the stackup documents..or i can just call it unfinished works.
and this cpu.. i recreated it to become my notice board.all the notes and emergency details can be found here.and some magnets from colleagues too..
behind me,i hang all the photos that i snapped with my colleagues and ex-colleagues..don't you think they are cute? whenever my colleagues came and looked up for me,they always will bend down and looked at the photos..such a memories.

this is a small corner that i will cherish for sometimes..hope you enjoy reading this post.


Ice Pandora said...

Such a personal cute Hello Kity
friendly workspace! It's great
that your are allowed to
decorate it your way like that!

Kate Lees said...

So cute! Love your Hello Kitty collection!

his little lady said...

Those polaroid pictures are the cutest!!
xo TJ

helen said...

such a cute hello kitty collection!!! your workspace looks like a cheerful place to be! :)

Nadja said...

your workplace look pretty amazing, I wish mine could look a little bit like yours :)